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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. IntroafricaREN

    • 2. AfricacanvasprimeREN

    • 3. AbstractafricamainbodyREN

    • 4. AfricadetailseditREN

    • 5. AfricaendREN


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About This Class

n this class I will be taking you through the steps I use to create bright and bold abstract ink pieces on canvas. You will learn how to mix colors, basic color theory , and adding gold leaf detail.  you will learn how I prime a canvas for ink application detailing a piece and sealing it.

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1. IntroafricaREN: Hi, guys. Welcome to my abstract alcohol on countless class In this lesson, while I'm going to be teaching you is how to make big, bright, bold, beautiful abstracts on countless going to be talking to true The methods are used to prime a canvas so that I can irritate the inks The eggs were flow seamlessly around your silvestri I'm going to be teaching you how I mix the colors on how detailed my pieces on Bring it all together I'm going to be shown you how I have my gold. Even so, this is the piece that we're going to meet create in this plus t OK, some more examples off this part of abstract are these Dr Lose creativity Isn't that yet? Can learn for today something that you can unlock. And I'm hoping that by following the step by step process that I have dumped that it will have you unlocked that wave at flow inside you and help you develop your own style on your own expression. What I would be using for this class on the materials that you may need if you want to take part, is Countess I will be using a 25 inch by 25 inch piece of promise on alcohol inks. It doesn't really are. You can use the inks that I use in the class, and I will go through them in the lesson. Or you can use what I've rinks that you have available to. You still follow along with the process. I also use Pasta pence again. Very scholars will be exclusive in my class. There, you can bring at whatever once you have a home and are any kind of paint marker. So I use black on Stan various lovers Gold leaf in It's available on the Express. I think you could buy for $2 or two euro for a sheet of 100 at Goldie's on go leave do and on You will also need liquid tax gloss medium on. I think that's it. So if you would like to join me on this class, I would love to have your law 2. AfricacanvasprimeREN: hi guys. So I'm going to be talking a little bit about how I prime my campus for alcoholic work. Because Alcohol Inc, um needs a non porous substrate. To work on properly, we need to prime account this force. So what that means is, if I put the alcohol in straight down on a canvas, which is quite porous, it's going to soak the ink into it on. The ink won't move around. So you're not gonna get that flow that you're looking for. And it can be quite costly because you're going to use a lot of ink to try and cover a canvas, especially something this size. This'll campuses 25 inch by 25 inch on how I point this is I'm going to take em. This is just a lexical, and I have added so just regular war to it. On going toe abs liquid tex lost medium of Irish into this mixture. Now there's two reasons why I add war to the liquid tax on the force. Reason is, and because the liquid Texas quite expensive, so it helps a call a little bit foreigner. But that's not the most important reason. The most important reason that we add on war to our liquid. Tex is because liquid tax also is quite take. So when you place that down on your converse, it's very, very difficult to get it in a smooth, even surface without lines going through it. And so we have the war to help its soak into the canvas, and that's what we wanted to do. We want the liquid tax toe to soak into the canvas and to find two or so that basically, it's not sitting on top of the canvas. It's actually common apart over on. So yeah, that does help Teoh look at them lines and which are really, really frustrating. When you put down your ink, you will know what I'm talking about. You will see them lines very, very curious. So what I'm going to do with to not squeeze a good amount off the liquid tax into my foot, I make sure it's well mixed as well, because it would belong lumpy if you don't mix it properly. So a good mix and it's quite warrior. That's right that we wanted to be. I'm also going to use my little sweetie to I have been using em and all but encouraged toe like off this in one of my doors at craft sex. I think they're available in most craft stores. Professional ones. So it's not for your, uh, blast furnace down. I'm going to use my speed You to move it around. Let us so right, you're almost pushing it down into a thief. Even spread. Now what? I also like to dio it's not going to be popular for everybody. Book. I like to go in with my hands on to make sure that all of the dry patches are covert on also and have a spread around a little bit more e I have tried this week loves that it doesn't work as well because the gloves will leave. Max, We leave mines in your car, Mrs Well, so I'm going to spread around right to the edges. I like to do this is why? Because I do like to become immersed in my walk. I feel like it helps me connect to the peace that I'm doing and get a feel for on pulling off the excess again. We're squeegee toe Theo. Pull the access that off the any accomplice into the crop of spreading it around. No, what I also like to do, and I find this very handy. If you like to sign your compasses down, the side is, bring the liquid tax, write down and get them sides. Coat with his left because if you're going to sign, it's quite difficult to sign on the bare calmness with this and blocks furnish your pension just at Lloyd over making short to be careful not to let any debris through a on your paper on your canvas, it would be extremely difficult to get off after has drive. So when you're happy enough, that has been court. Oh, the edges on around sides on. You've gotten the lines of as best you can because it's kind of impossible to get them completely. Airport. You can do a pretty good job with this method of avoiding them on. We're going to leave this to dry now, and it will be ready, Dad for in complication 3. AbstractafricamainbodyREN: Now, Once you have finished prepping your compass on your glasses, Roy, the next step is to choose your colors. So for this piece I'm going to use and at some carpet fairies things on. Don't to be using the colors garin it or 29 pony or V 69 Sugar, Almond, pink or V Oh, too pale lilac V 12. Andi grayish. Boil it and be the 25. I'll also be using the pinata rich Gold, which, in my opinion, is the best alcoholic goals that you can get. We can be rivaled, and I'm a big fan of this going color. It floats to the top of your of your uncle so the gold stays vibrant, embroider, and is not sinking into your compass on getting lost within the colors. So I'm going to be mixing my copy things with my support for alcohol. And if this is 99.8% and alcohol, I'm gonna be mixing them in some corpse. Now, the question I get asked, the awful law is how you get meetings to be so vibrant of the trick is the dilution off the ink. You have to remember that thes inks are super super concentrated inks. So we want to be using a lot off the isopropyl alcohol to really bring the corners. I think about like a war color palette. If you've ever used water colors and you've opened the parlor, you'll see that you will see that the colors are kind of mu and you can't really tell. Especially like in the blues. They are really similar. And until you, Mr War kind of brings the color alive. So think of your isopropyl alcohol like your war on your thinks, like your war corners you really want to bring have that kind of deep and vibrancy that they have on alcohol is the way to do that. So don't be afraid, Teoh. Add your alcohol into your piece. It's not going to it's gonna wash out the corner. It's gonna do the opposite. It's going to really pop that corner and bring our life. So what I'm going to do here is I'm going to mix a couple of these colors for darker ones going to mix the pony so I'm just getting a tree quick squeezes the garnet. Um, um, I think I will mix the sugar pink. Really? Where? I think okay. Went into the smaller on and shot size glasses. I'm going to mix the gray on the lilac. I don't think these corners might benefit from a little tollini poppy Yellow. So I'm going to use the pinata, some bright yellow. I usually give by a good measure because yellow is quite a light. So you just make sure I support for alcohol. So don't forget a good measure of the alcohol. A little bit less in the Breuer colors. I'm going to begin laying down their colors. He was in the corpus. Well, have many him and drag him down. It's abstract. So wherever you're feel that your key scored you, it was great. Just gonna add some dept. In contrast to her piece, you could have blend colors in together if you want. I'm a big fan of negative space. I think it really it helps give your art impact the contrast between the boy and the beautiful in colors. So I'd like to leave a lot of negative space in my pieces. So there's gonna at the yellow is up taking it into shock last here and happened spread a little bit. You can do this with pain, for sure. Just I've been using some of my green host paintbrushes when I don't have that anything toe hand so alcoholic will drawing out your bristles. We don't want that. So the cook works Fine. Just let these corners flow into each other. You get really great effect if you're going to be mixing two primary colors to get secondary caller. So if you're mixing yellows like the blue, you're gonna be getting some greens this yellow beside the reds here and the pinks is creating these orange effects. Oh, here. So you're getting a tourist corner. On top of that, I'm going to use my dog crafty on. Just have these colors moving to were not mixing them. You don't want the core estimates and eating together just landing, so I just want we just want them on their outline to blend in together without actually mix , and you mix it too much. You risk creating this morning effect, so just gently let your colors sequins. You can do despite below one has allowed. It's usually fire more gentle approach. Ive a little bit more control. So now I'm things going with my pinata. Gold. You get that court shakeup treating here, Paul, because that gold pulls up at the end here. I like that yellow gold into pink there. So it's gonna accentuate. Diver, I'm going to just squeeze this. One day I would straight through my piece. I'm going to add more gold once I reached the final, detailed piece so I don't need to add two more cheer. Just just gives a nice underlay Pull up true the yellow here and gently blow and Therese. Okay, so I'm going to leave this piece to dry. And I were going to come back on odd our next layer of detail. 4. AfricadetailseditREN: Okay, guys, I'm going to be moving on to my favorite part off the process. On that is the detail in. So this is just our last layer. And before we seal, what I will be using to add detail on this piece are some pasta pens. So I have slate grey like pink on our every, and they are bullet shaped in wool front 8 to 2.5 million. And I'll also be using this unifying line. War Fe proof pigment eat brush pen and that's black. Some were liquid parents dimensional paint in sleep, some pinata rich gold. It's a metallic gold flakes. Andi, I'll be using this gilding paste. Now. I have tried blue various types of blue mark part on PD, a glue to stick the gulf legs down on lonely walks as well as the gilding paste. This is by Pepi of On. I'm going to be using a small bit of ice, a profile alcohol to help move the Gold Inc around on one of these just cheap paintbrushes . Now I buy these paintbrushes on Ali Express. It's like two euro for half a dozen on the reason why I by these is that what I considered disposable and paintbrushes because the alcohol will dry up the bristles of your abortion. You don't want to be used 19 gold, some any kind of cheap and paintbrushes where they were not. The express is great for behind them in both because they they dio where down free quick When he gives, limit the alcohol. I'll also be using the pasta pan in black. On this is a on bullet shaped as loud Well, current 82.5 millimeter. So to begin, what I'm going to start with is the pinata gold. So what I like to do is I would usually use the gold. I've already kind of added as a little bit of a guideline on, and you give your Kalata at good shape on you pan here a little running at the end and make sure all your gold has moved from the bottom because it tends to stick there. So I'm going to just later home concentrated along the places where I kind of already have the gold so important and pools, because we are going to take this upside down on let it run down. It's a good idea where the colors are meeting to make that gold kind of graduated. So instead of just pointing at random in the middle, we're going to take it to the edges anywhere that looks like it might be interesting. You know what you've added to the gold and you're happy with the placement. Just tip your counsel and you're gonna let the gold roll down. So we let it roll down just a little bit and they were going to go in with our papers. It's a profile alcohol. We're gonna help move that gold around so you can take a tale anywhere you want. A group of a messier loin over longer line. So this one is kind of at veered off here, so I'm gonna straighten up as well. So we have a fluid going going down your page again. No need to be too precious If you hold your paper. Spite the top really gently. You can call a lot of shake out on wobble over looking just a little bit more across here. Use near alcohol, just lend it around, and then contents use a little bit of alcohol on flick some gold slurs just around the and heavy parts at the top into our port books here. So a pinto or oranges? The great thing about, um, this is you can take away a little bit because it's primed what you're gloss if you want to just highly up any of the areas they feel you've gone too far. Um, a little bit of ice, a profile alcohol on the keen Reich, and you can take away so of them. Make sure you keep it clean, your spreading it so you can take away some of the gold or any other color stab that you're not really happy with if you felt you going to for no. So I'm just not tidy up some of this so you can see the glossary doors. Give it the perfect and prime base. Now, while I'm letting this gold sat here, I'm going to do so off my pasta. Panati Tyler. So let's take the pink. And if you're unsure off how you want to learn your piece, you can use the color wheel as a reference guide. So if you want to use complementary colors the basics of the color wheel, so have your colors all the way around the outside on the complementary color for each corner is the cordite opposite on the culture. So if you're looking for the complementary collar for a blue, you take it down and it is orange. So if I wanted to add a pop onto any of these blues here, I would add orange. And this is why this pieces I work so well you have your oranges here, right, Sergeant? Lose on that. I just giving it a contrast on that pop the same appear or if you wanted to go into your yellows with violets. So we've added yellow here and we have our violets all around it. So if I wanted to pop this yellow here, I got on top of it with on a portable possible. So I'm going to use this one around the yellows on the oranges. I'm not really too concerned about Abdul contrast and colors for this peaceful. If you want to do what you can use your color well as a reference. Usually I just kind off go intuitively into my piece. Onda usually has an equal and outcome off disaster on success. So I'm going to take where I see the doctor pieces. I'm not going on my black cross. The Taft, from what I'm going to do is I'm going to do you larger docked on smaller routes coming in onto the piece on off the peace, just given it some interesting detailer. So pressing down hurt on down the light to get your smaller darts. Then we go in with their final in 10. I make even smaller dots. This is just a great way to add interest in detail in on some dept into your piece. Now I got to go in with my slate grey hasta pair you got I'm just picking random various. I generally stay away from the middle and take around the outside. I'm gonna add some into this great cause I like a grand pink. It's great into the pink like Great, Let's get it Now what's your happy with? You're adults on your detail in it's time to go in with your gold. So we're going to take our have you blue? I'm just going to lightly diabetic where I'm going to place the flakes so I'm just following on the goal They already have. I love this layer in effect have texture. And to my pieces, this is a great way as well. To hide any piece off your work that you're not really too happy about. What you can't a racer. You can't change it. You can just transom called over. - So the trick to this gold leaf blue is to leave it for a few minutes to get hockey. So if any of you have ever use fault are Russians, you know, pretty ugly wild on your hands. Let it go, Tuckey before you for your job. Your are less interest because when it's still wet, it can move around. So when you put the gulf makes on this one still where they're still going to stick here finger they won't stick down onto the glue. So I would say Give that at least five minutes just to get tacky on stick your gold leafing down Then so these could be really tricky to walk on the gold leaf, try not to breed, blink or even look at them. They fly everywhere. It's a messy job. So I usually do is I will take a large long, and I will press them down onto the glue like this we'll get the larger sheets place the month. - Don't be afraid to pop it all down because you can take the access on. Put it back into your told when you're finished. Okay? We can let that dry now and and pushed the gold off as soon as it has adhered to the campus . 5. AfricaendREN: okay. When you left the for enough time and you feel no stickiness, it's timeto broke off your gold. So what I like to do is I like to flatten it into the glue before you brush it off, so are pressing down. We don't want to lose too much of the excess gold down on the cross. Another good thing to use if you're feeling like it's too dense and any places and you want to break it up a little bit is I think this is a based until, um, for at meets or cakes. And so just has these little rubber bristles at the top. And they pulled Theo gold off if you're feeling like it's too dense and to just get a broken up look. So after you've pushed everything you want down into the goal, you complete this plastic bristles work across these. No, you just tough the excess off, and you can go in again just to break with gold. A little bit more might want to take a dump piece of cloth, just clear the very last pieces of the goal, and then what I would usually due to seal this piece is because the alcohol inks there. Like most pigments, they will fade in some light of especially direct sunlight. So I use this gun burnish hates to over here. So the war based furnish on that would stop if you use a furnished house alcohol in, obviously you're going to pull up the pigments from your piece on. This is a UV protective varnish, so it will stop your piece from fading on. I will give my piece two coats off the varnish on. Then I will go in with the Sandler Gloss furnish, and that's also you will be protected. This has alcohol in it. So you want to make sure that you do your war based varnish two coats that I forced to protect your piece on then this is really high gloss and careful varnish to finish it off. So I hope you're happy with that. And you've enjoyed learning about abstract thinks on campus. If you're on instagram, you can tag me in your walk and let me know how you got on trying this method. Thanks for joining our class 6. BONUS AFRICAREN: So for this next piece, I'm just gonna show you and a few little Eric T tones on how a mix the ranger metallics into some of my pieces. So you're going to need gloves for this all because we gotta get Hamzi. We get a Marist in our piece. Populism on. I have some alcohol in here mixed with just the remainder off sugar Almond pink. I'm going a little bit more to it. So we want this quite that you it because this is going to be the background for the piece . So I'm just going to lay down. I'm gonna bring across my congress right now. You like your first just to move it around. And now I'm going to use some of these comedian ings that I've been trying Lady Andi, I'm going to mix them in with some isopropyl alcohol. They come with a handy look syringe so you can suck it up from the ball. So that's gonna be the second call around onto laid out. So I'm going to take tree mouths and this is off lagoon BG one. I'm going to fill the rest of alcohol and I have premixed here some born number. I'm going to lay the born former around the outside down the end Here, add in the blue. I also have some very 1,000,000 that some of that as well No, to move these in together. If you blow on, would I heard breath. You're going to get cells. You're going to be your in pulling out into a cell like structure. But if you want to kind of have a really whimsical, wispy kind of a lord graduation, it's important that you belong really, really gently. Someone show you what I mean by by getting yourself. So if you can see there, it's pulling out into you. See your white gaps in between. You're not getting your full blend unless she blows slowly so slowly under blue and show you what I mean. You can see the difference, then move around here. Jane blowing hard and soft so it takes a little bit longer. What you're getting a better bland on your thinks when you do just the soft graduated blokes don't blow them all to better super genital. That could be really hard to keep that kind of controlled breath book. It's work that then you could have done a long body. Just kind of tilting you come that sparkle for a little bit. Now I'm going to add in some yellow. This is the pinata on so bright yellow going out of the over here. I'm going to use my fingers to bring it into my piece like this. So painting what? Your fingers We're gonna open to the flu without some here following the corpse. Always let your painting guardian. We'll tell you where it wants the colors to land in tow. Make it the more the most natural and the most natural look that you can unlike in the simplicity of this piece. So I'm going to leave to dry like this. Andi, when you're finished, you can decorate in the same manner off. Did our force peace? You cannot gold are adults whatever way you like. Kind of like this. Like this when they let this dry. See that? Like this? I think it's really up to yourself How far you want to go with it. So free those you who want to go live before there with your piece. I have mixed up some ranger Rose gold. Mix it. If on alcohol into my shop class, and I'm going to use the syringe to add just a little bit detailer to give a little bit depth and darkness. So just gently squeeze and pull to your ink, and I'm going to concentrate on the darker parts off the peace. Somebody used a syringe to pull the mix it if all right, you two colors on who here squeezing gently and again, you can blow this out a little bit. I don't like toe too much. You can see here already, and I think that's enough for now.