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Abstract Holiday Ornament Painting

teacher avatar Chelsea Hart

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Painting - First Color Layer

    • 3. Painting - Second Color Layer

    • 4. Painting - Third Color Layer

    • 5. Painting - Final Layer

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About This Class


Learn how to paint a simple, abstract holiday ornament. No painting experience necessary.

We will learn:

  • What type of ornaments you can paint on
  • Color suggestions
  • How to paint a holiday ornament with acrylic paint

To complete this project you will:

  1. Choose paint colors of your choosing
  2. Paint an ornament with simple brush strokes, evenly distributing the colorsĀ 
  3. Post a photo of your finished ornamentĀ 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Chelsea Hart


I’m an abstract artist who paints because I can’t not create. It’s something that is ingrained in my soul and has been forever. Although my subject matter and style has evolved a lot over the years, the intent has remained the same - paint what inspires me and makes me happy, in the hopes, it will make someone else happy as well. I gather inspiration everywhere - a memorable meal, exploring new towns, mother nature, fellow creatives, interior design, people who put out good vibes, and so much more. Each one of my different painting series focuses on a tiny sliver of all the things that inspire me. I bottle up that tiny sliver of inspiration and let it loose on the canvas. I hope you feel as much joy hanging a painting in your home, as I do when creating them.

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1. Intro: Hi, everyone. My name's Chelsea. I'm an artist and today we are going to be paving some abstract ornaments. So the suit me super fun. You don't need any painting or making experience to do this. I'm all guide you through easy step by step. So don't worry. If you haven't ever payment before, not a problem at all. We're just gonna create some fun, colorful abstract ornaments and kept. You can hang on your tree or do whatever you want with your order and give it as a gift that, yeah, let's go ahead and get started. 2. Painting - First Color Layer: So this is like I said, a super simple, quick project. So we're going to start Once you have your colors mixed and ready to go on your palate, all you're gonna do is take your first color. I'm gonna start with our pastel pink load up my brush with some paint, and I'm not gonna dip it in the water just straight into the pain. And I'm just gonna make simple, round ish roundish brush strokes all around the ornament. So relatively Sure. And I'm gonna go and varying directions So vertical, horizontal and just kind of go all around here And you do have to be can if careful, cause you know you don't want it As soon as you paint brush up, dip your finger And there you the colleagues are nice, but they drive fast, but they don't dry immediately. So I'm just gonna keep dipping my brush back into the paint and just go around kind of making straight brushed drugs and then with just a bit of a bearing, um, arches. So I'm not gonna do too many because I want to save room for our other colors that we have here. So this is nice because it has this flat top, So prop it up against a against our water jar here 3. Painting - Second Color Layer: So next I'm just gonna do the same thing that we just did all over the ornament, just kind of filling in this white space and do similar brushed drugs all around where there is white space going on. So kind of just bearing from the short brush drugs that are a little bit straighter, and then just finding a space that doesn't have pain on it to hold it and put my fingers here toe proper debt. Let's do another one here at the top. So, like I said, super simple, super quick. Listen, that hold this because my fingers Aaron a good start That's not interrupting your touching any of the fresh wet paint on here. 4. Painting - Third Color Layer: on here. I'm going to go back to my smaller brush and I'm just going Teoh rug the brush along the bottom of the glass star that will get most of that pink color off and just dip it, uh, and then just dab it on my paper towel to get any remaining color on. There were offers there should say, And next, I'm gonna do this blue color. This was also just straight out of the tube. I didn't do any next mixing, but it's a really pretty color, and I like kind of doing colors for these ornaments that aren't really traditional. So not necessarily. You know, you're like reds and greens, which you totally can do that as well. I just think it's gonna fund to just do something a little bit different and kind of have something that pops a little bit. So I'm just gonna give it few minutes toe, so we're pink dries a little bit. So hold it for a little bit that way because as we fill up more of the white space, there's obviously less bases toe put your hand and I don't want to keep I don't want to have a thumbprint on on the pink marks that I made or where the turquoise wins, we will. We will be able to paint over those a little bit later. But right now, all I'm trying to do is just fill in that way. So just as we did with pink and turquoise now we're just gonna find white space. And I'm just gonna cover up this little a little dot a pink that I made Kind of just go over that a couple times, so it looks even an intentional mm, finding space area. Um, I'm gonna go in between these two pink marks. I think that would be nice Dipping my paintbrushes, more paint and just kind of building and forever. You see space and I'm gonna kind of covered this little die up here and maybe just a little bit here at the top. Cool. I think that looks good. You kind of turn it over. You just want it just evenly distributed. See, you want all whatever color is your using each color kind of all throughout all over the ornament. Now 5. Painting - Final Layer: Now let's go back Too big a rash. If you're just using one brush, that's OK as well. We're just gonna wrens airbrush out just by swirling around in the jar and tapping it on our paper towel. And finally, I am just going to use this navy blue someone load about my brush here. And this is where this lost color will kind of go over any little mistakes or marks that you need that you're like, Oh, that doesn't look really nice. So you can just gonna cover this up and overlap it so still feeling in these white spaces. But don't be afraid to overlap some color. So this is a pretty empty space. So I'm just gonna go this opposite way. I just made this little blue marks Anderson it cover that up and kind of overlap There. The bottom is looking a little empty. So once I confined a space just to cover this up as well, maybe my fingers well, and let's see, what else can we do? Just waiting on my fingers Said I want to touch it with what? With wet paint. Oops. Oh, I just made a thumbprint. That's okay, that's a beauty of a handmade Norman, right? It's not perfect. So I'm just But that's okay with acrylic. Think you can just paint over? I don't know. I like this little market here, so I understand. Paint that, but just just a little short brush drop it doesn't have. You don't all have to be perfectly the same. Just a few more here Envisions, can take in your hands and rolling around to see where else you could add some marks where maybe there's a color. No. All right. So I think the one last one I want to do is just right here because there's almost no blue not being afraid to kind of overlap those right? And then once you turn it in your hand, you can kind of see that there's pink and blue and turquoise evenly distributed throughout . So now I have to Dio is just either hold in your hands or trying balance it. Let's see if we could do this, prop it up with something Where doesn't All right, good balanced it there, and I'm just gonna take one last look and take my smaller brash rents it out once again and just add a few more pink marks where I had paint on my hands and touch it in a few places, and that's okay, like it's just perfect. But I just want to touch it at just a bit. Here and there. Just a little something there. I do. Do you think that's good? All right, I like this. So all I'm going to do now is just let it dry and then we'll have to do after this. Once it's dry, is just at the top for industry and you're done Easy. Abstract, fun, colorful ornament. There you go.