Abstract Art with a Twist: Personalize Kandinsky | Nicole Arnold | Skillshare

Abstract Art with a Twist: Personalize Kandinsky

Nicole Arnold, Wild about Art

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6 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Getting Ready

    • 3. Let's Paint: Starting Out

    • 4. Let's Paint: Wet on Dry

    • 5. Let's Paint: Wet on Wet

    • 6. Adding the Personal Touch


About This Class

Abstract Art with a twist: Personalizing Kandinsky

Learn to paint like a pro, let loose, and have fun.  


Class Description

Painting abstract art is all about letting go and having fun.  Learn how to plan color choices and execute bold designs like the "father of abstract art," Wassily Kandinsky.  In under thirty minutes, you learn how to complete a modern masterpiece and add your personal stamp to a recognizable work. We will have fun while immersing ourselves in an activity that ignites our imaginations and pushes the boundaries of our creativity.  No prior painting experience is needed - all levels are welcome.