Ableton Live I: The First Steps of Digital Music Production

Brian Jackson, Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Musician, Author

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14 Videos (1h 9m)
    • Trailer

    • Why Live?

    • Finding Your Way Around

    • Essential Preferences

    • Saving Your Work

    • Organizing Clips on Tracks and Scenes

    • Clip Launch and Quantize

    • Clip View 101

    • Live Browser 101

    • Search and User Folders

    • Browsers and Tracks

    • What is Warping?

    • Warp Modes

    • Warp Markers


About This Class

Take 3 audio clips and warp them so that they play at the same speed. This project is perfect for learning how to create a steady tempo in music you create, produce, or remix.

Ableton Live 9 is uniquely powerful audio software, equally strong in helping you create, produce, and perform music. Now you can learn your way around Ableton Live 9 with audio engineer, musician, and producer Brian Jackson’s straightforward, 65-minute introduction. Brian quickly familiarizes you with the interface, settings, and browsers; demonstrates the difference between audio clips, tracks, and scenes; and culminates with a 15-minute fascinating introduction to warping—matching the tempos of different audio tracks. Whether you’re a producer, musician, sound designer, or just interested in working with audio, this is a perfect way to get started with the software everyone’s been talking about.

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very clear and easy to follow if you're a n00b!
Chris Hadzipetros


Great for absolute beginners
great at explaining and knowledgeable





Brian Jackson

Music Producer, Audio Engineer, Musician, Author

Brian Jackson is an internationally released electronic musician and audio engineer. He was one of the first Ableton Certified Trainers, is the author of both The Music Producer's Survival Guide (2013) and The Music Producer's Survival Stories (2014), and specializes in one-on-one training in audio engineering and music production for beginners and Grammy winners alike.

In addition to recording, producing, and teaching out of his Williamsburg, Brooklyn-based studio Form Labs, Brian is also a partner and Director of Education at Devotion Gallery, Brooklyn's first Ableton Certified Training Center. Leading both of these venues, Brian bring together a diverse range of artists, musicians, and teachers—all specializing in computer-based music, audio production, and creative visual media. Specialities include MIDI, synthesis, mixing, recording, mastering, music theory, sound design, digital DJ, Mac-based DAWs, and much more.