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ABC of Singing - Fundamentals of Singing for Complete Beginners

teacher avatar Jayne Carmichael Norrie, Singing Coach JCN

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. The ABC of Singing new pic Copy

    • 2. The ABC of Singing Part 1

    • 3. The ABC of Singing Part 2

    • 4. The ABC of SInging Part 3

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About This Class

ABC of Singing - Part 1 - A is for Alignment

This video series is aimed at people who are complete beginners but would like to learn more about singing.

In this video, we go into detail about Alignment. It's an important and often-overlooked aspect of singing. You need to look after your body when you sing, otherwise you aren't going to be able to sing at your best.

It's all about noticing any unnecessary tension you have in your body, and trying to release it.

Part 2: B is for Breathing

In this video, we are covering Breathing. Breathing is so important! It's one of the things which if you don't' get it right, it is pretty-much guaranteed to adversely affect your singing.

One of the things a lot of pupils struggle with is knowing how to do deeper breathing. Some people call this abdominal breathing or diaphragmatic breathing.

The first thing to note: the diaphragm is important for the INHALE ONLY. After that, it's the transversus abdominis (corset muscle) that controls your EXHALE.

The one thing out of that process which pupils find the most difficult is controlling the exhale. Specifically, knowing what it feels like to utilise the corset muscle, being able to manipulate it when needed, and control the utilisation until the end of the sung phrase.

Part 3: C is for Connection

I am going to go some quick and easy exercises which will help you to be more familiar with what it feels like to use your core muscles when singing.

This subject can be confusing, as different genres of music refer to the 'core' and mean different things. In Musical Theatre, it refers to the core muscles but also the alignment of your whole upper body. When I am talking about the core in this video, I mean parts of your anatomy.

This is a guide in how to engage these muscles, to build up your knowledge of how to engage them at will and incorporate that into your singing technique.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jayne Carmichael Norrie

Singing Coach JCN


Hi Skillshare

I'm Jayne Carmichael Norrie, a singing teacher in Aberdeen, UK.

Since April 2019 I have also trained as a Full Stack Web Developer.

For 10 years I have run the Forte Music School which I grew from teaching in my bedroom, to doing 3 minutes business pitches in front of over 400 people, and pitching to royalty.

Skillshare is a fabulous community and I love connecting with everyone here.  Please reach out if I can help you.  Can you believe I have over 9000 pupils on here now? 

I'm always on the look-out for new ways to help my pupils.  Let me know if you can think of a way that I can help you level-up!

Remember, small wins are where it all begins!

Jayne x

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1. The ABC of Singing new pic Copy: I'm on a quest to find those who loved to sing. You have a long teach ins on the radio and sing in the shower, but you haven't had the confidence to take it further. If you want someone who will guide you through the basics, the third jargon, you've come to the right place. The ABC of singing is three videos. We guide you through the basic principles off singing with easy exercises under worksheets . In my eight years as a teacher, I've developed an easy and reliable singing method, but I remember her tricky. It is to get started. Lessons are expensive. I felt overwhelmed. I was scared to the lessons. Being too technical. Why was also stressed there and nervous? The key for Beginning is toe. Have a try, but keep it simple. The ABC of singing Antrel course prepares you for singing more often by looking at your body. First you're singing. Second, What you do with your body will come through and you're singing. If your body is tense, your voice will send tens. If you are relaxed, your voice will sound relaxed. This is the first principle of our intro. Let's be sure you the rest. All you have to bring is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn everything is done for you. And I'm here to help you at every step. 2. The ABC of Singing Part 1: Hi, everyone. My name is Jane Carmichael. Naughty on Welcome. Too much studio. This is the first nurses of the ABC of singing a stands for alignment. It's really important before you start singing, don't just launch straight into it's really worth wail for you to take a couple of seconds just to look at what your body is doing. See if you can notice of those any bits in your body, any parts that are holding unnecessary attention and what I mean by that I give you a good example that sometimes if you've had a stressful day at work, your body will be stressed because you feel stress that your shoulders will be tense. And sometimes I get really, quite often as tension around my jaw. This is my problem idiot right here. And it's something that I always have to be mindful of is making sure my jaw doesn't law. That's most common ones. People finally under have tension in the body, shoulders, other jaw. But sometimes people also haven't at lower body, so doing some stretches and some exercises to help eradicate that tension will make your singing so much better if your body is tense your son is going to sign intense. And if your body is relaxed, your singing is definitely gonna sign more relaxed. And by that in turn, it's probably gonna send a whole lot. What? Bassedas Well, so when I'm thinking about alignments, I think you but 45 seconds or something just before get invited to sing a quick checklist, let's start with the feet and you can't see my feet on. Fortunately for the men and what people usually do, is that the when their bit nervous to lay eggs car completely to get like this, Could you feel a bit freaked out or something? Tend? A wider stance is roughly hit with the part. Make sure that your feet are on the ground all the time. And using another Copan think people do is when the gap but Navis that maybe put their weight on one leg and kind of fidgety about a little bit like that. That's making your body work so much harder because no one leaves it trying to sing. It's trying Teoh balance what your body is doing as well, so just making sure that you have a few order grade all the time. it's all about distribution of weight off your body. Don't make things unnecessarily complicated and they don't have to be. And when I'm in a Bentley keeping your feet on the ground both feet on the ground all the time, it doesn't mean that you can't move. You could booth. You could dance. You could do whatever. But it's all a bit keeping distribution of your weight through bull flags, and I makes things so much easier. Next thing is to look at. Is the knees another call? Been saying that people do? Is that the holder? These really tight with the stressed. So why do? Sometimes I just pop up in time. I used to be really bad with Holder by these tight, intense zing them to the point. Honestly, I didn't even notice I was doing it anymore. So something that have to be quite mindful of this well is tension and knees. And so let's go up to the next bit. Next I have for you is to think about looking at your body, but from the side so far, Trended Ironed s actually attempt from the world of horse trading. If you look at your ankle knee hip, his shoulder in your ear. They should be roughly in a straight line. And what is common thing that happens with singers? Is that your soul? I am thinking about projecting your voice away. You don't realize it, but over time and you been practicing a lot, there's a tendency for singers to kind of think of it forward, forward, forward, forward all the time before you know it and make sure needs go bit tense and your body is actually in and forward and you don't mean it to. So look it over your shoulder and just thinking about your knee. Uncle hit shoulder year bringing your hips and your shoulders back until Lehman with your knees could really help. I mentioned the shoulders Felder, some trying to some sort of exercise. Even if it's late. Put your hand on your shoulder. There's some I do all the time is really shoulders that I'm like that and go round the other way. Any gentle exercises to can I get a shoulders relaxed would be brilliant for you and the final thing to think you off. And it's something that's really important is your head. Another common mistake people do that when they sing high notes. They went to sing up high and it'll the head up. Or if they want to secolo, the same thing happens. The head comes down the and for this, but your second, make sure that your head doesn't move. You shoot your lips as a gate. A few your lips are point into your shoulders that in the right position. So if your second too high, you had a tilt up too high and your years will kind of point forward. If it's too low point backwards, use your lives as guide and they'll be in the perfect position. 3. The ABC of Singing Part 2: Hi, everyone, Welcome back Too much. Did you were on part two of my CD's ABC of singing B stands for breathing and got a couple of great little tips. I do all the time with my people's. So this is great exercises I do regularly that recommend regular little my people's as well . And so the 1st 1 Abbott status to think about what you're doing with your shoulders and things. So Mason, maybe, but doubtfully pant pant like a dog does. When you do that, you feel our bombs in. When you're dying from you feel it. Bones in the night. Diaphragms important for helping you Teoh get enough here in diaphragm is responsible. Basic for squish inal your organs. Diane sends about gross I know, and it gives you more room for your lungs. Come in So diaphragm is vitally important for your inhale. But then the second thing can takes over from your diet from, and this is where a lot of people get confused. There's a big muscle or in the middle of your body, called it transgresses abdominal and I often referred to as the course in muscle that is the muscle that's really important for controlling your ex hill. So dia from just because goes convex Akane Kiev in your body, the bigger of your lungs on the inhale course of muscle controls the Axe Hill. And if you've ever worn, of course, are wards of his quite tight running your middle, it feels a bit like light. I got like, somebody's pulled the strings of your course it and you feel it right. Reddened your different parts of your body. Some people feel it tighten and like a tights and in sensation, some people feel it right at the front. Some people feel a more attention over their hips. Some people even feel it, like in the sight of here or in the lower body. Any of you lose ideas are absolutely fine. It shouldn't ever feel uncomfortable or painful. Just can ask Suk in in Kenya feeling. And so that X exercise like to do. We're trying to exercise the course that muscle for this. So what I'd like to do is take a breath. And but when we be that we're just going to do a big long hiss like Glenn native of a balloon, I want to make the first breathing in, always kind to four. But then we're going to increase them at a time for the exhale. So we're gonna breathe in for kind of four. Then we're going to do a hiss. I it works for a count of eight, but then second time I'm gonna do in for account before, and they're going to do exhale. But that's time for account of 12 and we're gonna go up in multiples of four. So let's have a we try ready if you take your breath in to the four breathing it that towards the end, you might feel a tensing in your middle. But that's, of course, a muscle coming in to help you. That's a good sign. So let's try it for and for for the night for 12. So ready. If we take a breath in here we go. One to the Ford net. Betrayal really never would to try doing for four the night for 16. When we get to 16 or 20. This is when it gets a little bit challenging, so let's try it. And for four of breathing in to the fore in prison it that's a really good exercise I do all the time, my people's. It really helps them to feel what's going on with this course. That muscle in the middle of the body, another really good one. What's it doing? Delivery the next science. And but this time they exercise isn't to see your necessarily how long we can keep the breath cannot exhaling, for it's all about what we do as rid X healing. More specifically when you take your breath in. Imagine you're a bit like an accordion. You know, you've got the bits say the pill side to side. And so people are the fall into the trap of thinking up and down with their breathing, and they saying shoulders shouldn't move and your head shouldn't move. Really, When you're singing, so think of it. Not so much open, dying and rising and falling like that. That thinks so to say that you're expanding like an accordion. That's what your kids should do. It should expand out the way when you're to doing it in Hill. For this exercise, we're going to take a breath, and while you do it, put your hands in sight here, so the palms of your hand or on more part of your ribcage, so that in either site, so you can feel it expanding into the palms of your hands. And then when you didn't exhale, when we hastert like it's, I want to see if you can keep the rub kids in the same position as when you did the end. Hail. So you're keeping it open and high so that folks, let's keep going. So when you take your breath and expanding into your hands, keep the rib cage in the exact same position and do the hissing hurt and don't let it collapse as you're doing. Your Excel, I should warn you, everyone, this can be question. Use exercise, and you can be quite exhausting. Um, you might feel when you do some of the excess that exercise some of your hired abdominal muscles, the ones that go way up all mostly right up for your holes there in the middle bit. There you may feel them working really hard, and once you do a couple times, if you're not used, Teoh, you make fuel wipe. It is absolutely exhausting. So before we do, it just was kept. You awarded just You have a cup of tea on standby or something. So if we place their hand on the palm of your hands, the lower part of your kids never the last bones are assigned there. Put your hands on either signed, we're gonna take a breath and for four breathing in to your palms of your hands. When you do the exhale legis, exhale for 12. But the objective isn't he reached to 12. The objective is to keep your rib cage in. The exact same position is when the deer inhale. So when you get to the can't afford when you take your breath and think of it is like freeze frame the musical statues. You want to keep the exactly same position. Let's have a shine So we're ready. Take a breath in 1234 in the syrup kid expanding. Keep in the same position than breathing it, Theo and they go told you is exhausting. Let's find it one more time. So ready for take a breath in two Thief working like Jessica Rabbit. Cute, expanded. Agree the night and I go 4. The ABC of SInging Part 3: Hi, everyone. We got to the last video and the ABC of singing C stands for connection. This is all bits. There will be went for part with the Lehman and breathing. This is what we're building up to is using more of the core muscles went missing. You've already felt a bit when we were doing the breathing exercises. How important the course muscle is to control in your excel in your breathing. That's vitally important for when you sing because you don't have the breath you can't sing knows that but bringing more of a core muscles and to support your voice. So some of that I do quite often with people's is to help them feel about Worley. They know what muscles I'm talking about. A couple of different exercises l a is put your hand on your tummy just could add under your belly button is just above your belly button and then you like to do arriving, signed. Let your revving the engine of a car who you know? Yeah, I just stuffed. And this idea for a reason didn't do you notice when you put a hand on your time is a very slight movement and try and show your rafowicz it's late. It's almost like a cat who looked very quick. Can a little motion like that that's your muscles committed to help you? And that's also there, met them. But she should use your muscles when you're singing. So let's try that again. If you put your hand on your tummy, I just above your belly button and then we'll start revving Engine again. Ready? Here we go. Oh, no, that's so much Also should come in when you sing. I think there's a often when people are talking about training their voice and the talk about core muscles and bringing in support muscles and things like that. It is very difficult for a teacher to describe what's going on because, well, each person is unique. Some people might feel in a differently, but I think the rev in the engine of a car cannot feel in is a good one because a little bit like with Panton everything the little bit that you can make Fatten Elise is by the muscles flex and very of it it slightly and that's him. What you need to use thumb when you sing. Think of my second is more like a mouth and rattle in the sprint. You're no hold your muscles really tensely a little time. If you do that, you will be able to sing for, like, two songs, and then you'd be absolutely exhausted. It's all about peace in your cell. You are using your muscles, but it's on Lee Valley slightly. And this is where stamina comes in that your hold your muscles in very slightly, but over a long period of time, so is getting used Teoh and holding them, using them just a little tiny bit getting used to that feeling off it because there's no really anything the you would do a normal life if a big city sits. If you do your gun Pilatus, then you maybe have a kind of similar thing. Instantly. I would recommend them as exercises to help you with your singing, because you become a lot more familiar with core strength on the principles that were talking about in order Tilly sailboat breath control and stuff. So I never got the revving. The engine thing well like to do is just sing a note together. It doesn't need to be the same though that I'm doing it could be any note that's comfortable for you because I know I will have a whole different range of voices out there just for reference. I'm a color tuna mezzo soprano. So I'm baby a slightly lower than some female voices. I'm just gonna pick. I know this a comfortable for me and feel free before you go into This is part of the video . If you want to go to piano pick and know what you think is absolute comfortable right buying in the middle of your range that you can sing it if you just got out of bed. It's one of those does that you know, you can rely on any d They pick something right in the middle of your range and what were good to dok singing. Ah, and but that didn remainder matter. You just ruled that bed. Okay, here. Go. Uh, so the next thing we're going to do is trying to bring incorporated muscles into what I'm doing in that. That's where the muscles are kind of doing. When that was done, the Ravens sound. Thank you for every engine again. Who bring that slate flags of your muscles in your singing. Your ah, but the crucial thing about this, it's all about timing. It's important that you're bringing muscles in that they come in, your muscles are ready before you sing your ah, So imagine if this horizontal and it was like a tight morning in your eyes Here, when you're doing the bringing into muscles, think of it is they come in roughly. Here are about half a second before you go to sing someone Ah, roamed Here is when the muscles come in So you can even dio Who, Uh, that helps. And so good pick hand and you told me again. So this time I'm going to do to move rev in signs. Then we're gonna sing in. Ah, hopefully compared to the 1st 1 it'll so it'll have, like, more depth of signed and richness to it, because that's what the muscles help you do. It gives more support for your voice And because you're engaging the muscles, you have ah, father depth of tune. So I'm going to try that night here ago. Mm hmm. So I hope that so did better. And this is third thing. We're going to do. This is a helping to improve the connection with your voice. Bring incorporating that slight movement. Mosul's end, too, when you sing will make a huge difference to your voice. I'll help to support your voice and give erred, richness and depth of 20. That's what you're looking for. And that's what people are talking about it when they see to bring in a diaphragm muscles and not giving people describe it in lots of different ways, it can be very confusing. So the next I'm going to do is thinking about where you sing to makes a big difference. So just when you saying they're still think I'm guessing you know, uh, it comes, It helps if you could focus on one point. So I'm going to do and we focus on a point. It's actually just behind the comrades, like the door handle of the door, Mr Do So I'll be looking over the camera and holding in that one point and thinking that. But the sign that you're doing to travel into that one point helps to project your voice. Think of it is late when you first singing a note and it's ah sounds OK But it's very broad , isn't it? Who in in and not one target. And when you do that, any time that you sing, you could be singing to a person you could be singing to a door handle. It could be an inanimate object. It doesn't really matter what it's. Send your voice in one particular direction when you sing. So this time I'm going to do the two raves again and singing. Ah, last time I'm going to focus on the door handle. Sometimes when people focus really hard, they have the expedience of it concentration and sometimes almost feels like it's covered night like between your eyes and good piece of advice. Actually, I would say is that when you're trying this, imagine there's laser beams coming out your eyes that you're hit, holding it on something, do. It's a great excuse to make a laser noises help. Yeah, okay. And so that's how much we try of that die. Okay, so with a devotee ribs and then was cinema. But with laser focus on my door handle here ago, do you so using your eyes, think of them as laser beams. If that force one doesn't work kind of the one that works, like 90% of the time with my peoples and tell them to imagine the face of somebody that they don't like and imagine the eyes AARP intimately their beams through that face as they sing. So sometimes you get some really staring looking faces when people are singing. But everything helps to get good tone when she can relax into and think of these laser beams. But don't have every the angry face same time then your voice will send Amazing. So let's do that one more time to raves pH handle you when your tummy and so year your tummy muscles are coming and not seated before. But they were thinking of somebody's face that we don't like. And we're gonna hit that face with laser beams, coming it for eyes ready, save ago. Mm. Thanks, everyone. I hold that the city's helped. Please feel free to contact me. That said, Jin musicals air 40 dot co dot UK. You can also big quick 10 minute Skype call with me and I'm happy to do that any time. Thank you