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A Jewelry Box / Upcycling an Old Notebook

teacher avatar Kate Chystykova, Craft Addicted

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (9m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Basic Supplies & Materials

    • 3. Box measurements

    • 4. Wrap Cardboards Box Sides in Felt

    • 5. Wrap a Cover with Felt

    • 6. Install Metal Book Corners

    • 7. How to Cover defects inside / Glue the fabric inside the box

    • 8. Glue The Sides Around The Perimeter

    • 9. Glue The Bottom of the Box

    • 10. The Final Look

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About This Class

How to Upcycle an Old Notebook Cover into a cute Jewelry Box, give another chance to your old notebook.

You will see 

  • how to wrap your old notebook cover in a new fabric
  • how to fold corners of the fabric
  • how to install metal corners
  • how to make an improvised box from scratch
  • how to hide glue marks

You will learn how to upcycle your old notebook cover into something useful.

After the course you will create a unique box, where you can store your hair accessories or small jewelry, rings and earrings. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kate Chystykova

Craft Addicted


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Crafts DIY Lifestyle

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1. Intro: Hello, my name is Kate and I allow day why? And the recently my favorite notebook was full and I was protects him because I really liked it. I really like the quality of their cover. And it had some defects and they decided to give it a new life. And that's why I decided to up cycle it. I wanted to make a really cute storage recheck and put on my table, on my vanity. And stars as sings it I might use on an everyday basis. And they turned it into a cute little jewelry storage box. And it is also good to store hair accessories. Reach are small. If you want to know how I did it, keep urgencies course. Good luck. I would love to see your projects as well. 2. Basic Supplies & Materials: And basic supplies that you need. An old notebook cover, cardboard, scissors and paper knife, pencil, ruler, and glue. 3. Box measurements: First of all, we need to make the books inside. I have a piece of cardboard from my old frame and that was slightly smaller. Resent my notebook our BAD since I'm going to it since upon on the bottom. So it's fine for me because I'm going to wrap it in clubs. Mynode book is an A6 size, so Z widths of my bottom part should have been 16 centimeters and the Lemmas about 1011 centimeters. Then we need to cut out the sides of a book so we need to measure the lemmas ends the height. The length of your small sites should be measured by the length of your bottom part. Was the height of your site should be as a result of your notebook spine or each should be slightly smaller so you can easily close your future box. Here are measurements of my cardboard sides. Ze can differ from yours slightly. You should measure it with a ruler and the Buddhist insights and old book. So you can see if you can easily closed notebook or it's hard, maybe you should got slightly more enzyme, longer pieces. So salons should be the same as Iliana, also longest bars of your notebook ends. The height is the same as the width of your notebook spine and the little tip, you can measure lengths and two widths of his say, end paper. And it will be the size of your box inside. And let's move to the next step. 4. Wrap Cardboards Box Sides in Felt: I decided to wrap my sides in felt. And if you're going to repeat this step, then you need to make your site smaller because felt desperate, sick, and it adds a volume. It, it makes our salads bigger. And my happens that your books will not close. So make your sides five millimeters smaller and Zan rep it in February with the help of glue, caught the excess February Caribbeans as processor is through other sites. And let's move to the next step. 5. Wrap a Cover with Felt: And now we need to go our fabric two's color. Don't forget to iron your fabric. I'm going to use for laser. And my advice here for you is to start gluon from the spine, not from the sides. That was my mistakes. It's why I had a wrinkles. And start gluon bottom part. Top part. Then we need to make clean corners. So it's better shown in the video, you need to make it a triangle. My advice also two contexts as fabric beforehand. And you need to, God's a triangle, fold the corner and glute rabbit the step with three other corners. 6. Install Metal Book Corners: And decided to add some metal corners. I used pliers to open it enough and then put so with a corner on the book corner enzyme, I use two players as well to press it down. And I repeated this step, v's all corners. And now let's move to the next step. 7. How to Cover defects inside / Glue the fabric inside the box: Now we can work inside. So I'm going to glue was a fabric inside. I'm going to use the same fabric, felt fabric that I used for my Voc sides. I measure to the size that I needed and cut it out. And I forgot to mention, but the size of your fabric should be as top cover and the spine. So you need to cover E two is fabric as well. You just simply need to glue it. If you have some defects, make sure that you cover 0s. Two 0s is a fabric. And we are almost done. All we need to do is to glue the bottom part of the books and the sides. So let's move on. 8. Glue The Sides Around The Perimeter: And now you need to go societies around the perimeter. Start globins alongside that is close to the spine. Makes sure that you can close the books so the height of your launch site is enough and then glue short sides and one will be the last. And now we can move on to the last step. Gluon is the bottom part of the box. So see you soon. 9. Glue The Bottom of the Box: And now we can finally do the last step. You just need to wrap your bottom part II in fabric. I'm using felt fabric as well. Cuts a piece of fabric that you need and start gluing the opposite sides firstly, ends, then you just need to glue other sides. And if you need, you can cut corners. And I didn't glue one side because I know that my bottom part is slightly smaller, so I will need it. So my button part is slightly smaller. So decided to glue thin line all filled fabric to one of the sides and on Liz Zan cower it. Who is my bottom part? You can put, say a bottom part inside so you can see if it's enough or not. E4, you need more fabric. You can add more felt, ends them. You just need to glue the bottom part and it's done. Now. It's red, but I have a small tip for you. If you have some glue marks, you can cover them with black Sharpie. And it's finally done. 10. The Final Look: This old notebook cover returned into acute care accessories, jewelry box, and now I can store all my You have been serious plural fact4 curls in one place. I hope you like z scores. If so, don't forget to show me your projects. I would love to see your pictures. I hope you enjoy it as well as this course and wish you good luck and be creative.