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9 Videos (27m)
    • Welcome to class

    • Bruschetta

    • Guacamole

    • Olive Tapenade

    • Hummus

    • Baba Ganoush

    • Black Bean

    • Roasted Red Pepper

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Variety is the spice of life. These seven spreads are so easy to make that you could make all of them in one day and enjoy your own tapas feast!

I welcome you wherever you are on your vegan journey: vegan straightedge, vegan wannabee, vegan curious, vegan resistant and even vegan oppositional. Come join the class and let's have fun together!






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Marc Isaacson

Bhavatu sabba mangalam | May all beings be happy

Hi! I'm Marc Isaacson. I'm a vegan and a triathlete. But, I didn't start out life as either. I was raised as an omnivore and didn't become vegetarian until 1997, when I was thirty years old. In 2001 I made the switch to veganism.

I did my first triathlon in 1989. It was a fairly short "sprint" distance and I couldn't believe how hard it was. I didn't do my next triathlon until 1999. I continued participating in triathlons until 2002, working my way up to half Ironman distance races. I didn't exercise at all from 2005 - 2013. On August 2, 2015, my 48th birthday, I became an IronMan.

All of us is on a journey in life -- one that can take many paths and "side trips". I welcome you wherever you are on your life's journey.

My vision for my classes is:

Students take my classes to boost their:

  • Spirits;
  • Health;
  • Compassion for themselves and all other living beings

I craft each class with love and want it to be absolutely delightful for you. I welcome any feedback you have that enables me to reach that goal. Get in touch with me in whatever way is most convenient and comfortable for you!

I give thanks to the Universe for the abundance it provides me. I surrender and am open and ready to receive.

Bhavatu sabba mangalam - May all beings be happy