4 Powerful Ways Companies & Freelancers Work Well Together | Jason Montoya | Skillshare

4 Powerful Ways Companies & Freelancers Work Well Together

Jason Montoya, Stories & Systems To Live Better & Work

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9 Lessons (46m)
    • 1. What You Can Expect From This Course

    • 2. Four Powerful Ways Companies & Freelancers Can Effectively Work Together

    • 3. My Journey To Becoming An Authority On Freelancing

    • 4. Intentions Part 1 - Summary & Examples Of Intentions

    • 5. Intentions Part 2 - The Formula For Intentionality

    • 6. How We Engage: Focus Areas, Starting Points, & Compensation

    • 7. How We Organize: SOFI, IDEMA & Other Resources For Effectively Managing Projects

    • 8. Proactive Communication, Prompt Billing, & Value Land Us In The Sweet Spot

    • 9. Recapping The Powerful Ways Companies & Freelancers Effectively Work Together


About This Class

"I find the instructor to be very intelligent, thoughtful, and sincere." - Ronald H.

Defined Intentions, Engagement Structure, & Project Management Setup Ideal Working Relations

The lack of capacity and appropriate skill level are two reasons companies reach out to freelancers to help bridge the gap. While this partnership extends production and provides flexibility to the business, it can also become the source of their frustration. On the flip side, freelancers can be left in the stressful wake of working with over-demanding companies.

So, how do we get unified and work together effectively? We need to understand our respective intentions, know the structure of how we'll work together, have a system for managing projects, and create a harmonious working relationship. In this course, we'll dive into all four of these areas and more as we discover how companies and freelancers can work well together.

Who Should take this course? People who manage and work with freelancers and freelancers who work as an augmented team member with a company.

What will students achieve after taking this course?

  • How freelancers can work effectively and efficiently with companies
  • How companies can work effectively and efficiently with freelancers
  • How to define and answer what it means to be intentional
  • Learn how to build a sweet spot working relationship
  • Explore a mindset and project management framework to effectively manage projects
  • Explore a system for working with freelancers that establishes accountability, communication and reflection points

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