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10 Copywriting Hacks That Work in 2018

teacher avatar Kiss Sándor, Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Welcome to our training!

    • 2. Meet & Greet

    • 3. Hack #1 - The Art & Science Of Headlines That Convert

    • 4. Hack #2 - The Grabber!

    • 5. Hack #3 - Testimonials Done Right

    • 6. Hack #4 - The Life Force 8

    • 7. Hack #5 - Inject Scarcity

    • 8. Hack #6 - How To Research With Amazon

    • 9. Hack #7 - The Power Of Action Words

    • 10. Hack #8 - Showcase Your Value

    • 11. Hack #9 - The Power Of A 90-Days Refund Guarantee

    • 12. Hack #10 - Incorporate Frequently Asked Questions

    • 13. Congratulations!

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About This Class

Do you want to double or triple the conversion rate of your sales copy? Great, because in this course - I’ll show you 10 proven & tested hacks that work right now!

You’ll learn these strategies to acquire more customers and get better results almost overnight!

Learn How to Take the Best Seat in The House & Learn Proven Tricks from 6-Figure Copywriters

  • Boost your conversion rates
  • Acquire more customers
  • Grow your revenue & business

By the time you complete this course, you’ll be equipped with 10 strategies to boost the conversion rate of your copy and sell more products instantly! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kiss Sándor

Internet Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur


My name is Sandor Kiss, I am Internet Marketing Expert, Social Media Guru and young Entrepreneur!

Let me tell you how I started my Internet Marketing career.

Everything started back in high school... I was sitting there completely bored; staring at the teacher didn't pay attention at all and was constantly thinking about a way to earn steady passive income without working on a 9-to-5 job.

I didn't care about biology (photosynthesis... SERIOUSLY???) or physics at all... I felt like being in jail...

All I wanted to get out of there start my own business and live the dot-com lifestyle... I just didn't know where to start.

I spent thousands of dollars on shiny marketing courses, learned about all kinds of marketing techniques and suffered from very common... See full profile

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1. Welcome to our training!: Hey there, Patrick. Your end. I'd like to welcome me on behalf of my partner center. Kiss through bread. You course. So if you want to double or maybe even triple the conversion rate of your sales copy than you love this training because I'll show you 10 Improvement has Kaka riding hats that work . Right now you'll discover strategies to acquire new customers booster conversion rate and grow your revenue business. So lots of cool stuff is waiting for you. Join this training now and I'll see you on the other side. 2. Meet & Greet : Hey there, Patrick here. And I'd like to welcome you on behalf of my partner Sandra Kiss to rent you training called Conversion Boot Camp. Thank you for being our student. I really appreciate your presence in this class. You learn about 10. Prove mint has to tax to drastically increase the conversion rate off your sales page. Please note that I won't explain how to write the sales copy from scratch. There is a ton, of course, is out there covering this topic. And I wouldn't feel comfortable making you pay for something you can get for free. What I will show you is what you can't week, what elements you can weak and your existing sales copy to generate more customers to increase your conversion Or if you're in the process of writing one. What to really pay attention to you. The 10 Haque said, I'll introduce you two will have the biggest impact on your sounds Copy. If you get those elements right, you can expect to at least double your conversion rate center and I are building sales finals for a living and work of many top notch copywriters. So really, trust me, this stuff works hope you're excited about what you will discover. Lots of cool stuff is waiting for you. So let's get started and I'll see you in the next video. 3. Hack #1 - The Art & Science Of Headlines That Convert : the first conversion hack is simply working on your handling. So the headline is the single most important part of any advertisement or sales letter. Five times as many people read the headline as the actual body copy. Believe it or not, it is your highest point of leverage. And according to copper writing legend Gary Hallberg, it can increase your R A I by up to 1800% which is pretty pretty crazy, in my opinion. So what most people do is writing a bunch of had lights. They become creative and they just write headlines. They think, Oh, this sounds good and then they just tasked them. But they don't consider the four characteristics of a converting handling of a handling that works really well. So great handling should contain one or, ideally, more of the following elements. It should include a big promise and use element. It should make the reader curious, ideally contain an open loop. And it should point up a quick and easy way to solve the problem that the reader has. In other words, a great headline sees something that is recognized by the recipient as important and as valuable and beneficial. So let's take a look at one of the best. Converting had lights in the History of Interest Marketing by John Colton, whose another really great copywriter in one of my favorite copywriters. So he wrote the headline. Probably know it because it's really super famous. Amazing Secret, discovered by one leg goal for ATS 50 yards to your drives. Eliminates hooks and slices and can slash up to 10 strokes from your game almost overnight . This is a great ally, inch pretty long the average headline. It's a little bit shorter, but still it performed well for, I think, more than a decade, right? So now let's go through the headline and let's see if we can discover the elements. So the again the elements were big promise news, curiosity and quick and easy way. So the 1st 2 words or three words, actually amazing secret discovered. It includes the news element and the curiosity element, right? Talks about hate. This is something you Something has been discovered here, and it's an amazing secret that makes people currents. Then by one lacked goal. For not only does it call of the audience and no okay, it's probably about growth. Now the word or the two words one lacked means. This should be something easy, right, quick and easy way to accomplish something because hey, if if somebody with one lack discovered that I have to elect, probably I can do that, too. Then it's 50 yards to your drives, eliminates hooks and slices and can slash up to 10 strokes from your game. Right? So this is just a big promise or a number off promises, just a big claim and basically just adding up the benefits that the reader can expect. And then the last two words almost overnight again, quick and easy way to accomplish something rights of Hey, if you get this, if you keep on reading, you'll discover something that can change your golden career or actually your life. If golf is part of your life almost overnight, so it gets people excited in the state of arousal, this is just a great headline. So the four Elements or a super important this headland includes the four characteristics of a converting headline and, as I mentioned before, try to include at least one element. But ideally it should include all four, so let me give you five hamline templates that you can basically use to craft your headlines, right? If you're just starting off with copper writing and you have no clue where to get started seriously, any of these five headline templates work great in 99% of all cases. So if you have no play about copyrighting and you just need some help, just pick one that you like and just, you know, crafted headline based on these templates. So, um, let's you look at them. The 1st 1 is they laughed when I blank, but when I blank so an example for that would be they laughed when I sat down at the piano , but not when he started to play great handling. Then the 2nd 1 Who Els ones blank. So to give you an example, who else wants the six figure, part time income with no hard work? Also pretty cool, right? So it's really great. Then number three, Are you blank, for example, are you prepared for the next stock market crash? So I really loved this headline because it's very attention grabbing, provoking and also rousing Number four. How to, for example, how to win friends and influence people. Probably you heard that headline already because it's the headline of one of the best selling books. I think it's sold 50 million times. If I was wrong and it's It's a great Book by Dale Carnegie, actually, So with how do we had legs? You can never go wrong, and you can always use a how to handle I no matter what you're selling, no matter what market urine. So if you really want to get story it at Your Notre about, you know the first headline template that 2nd 1 really get started with the how to headline how to headline work almost all the time. And it's always impossible to write a bad headline based on a how to template right and the number five Secrets Off Secrets Off a $1,000,000 Marketer, for example, So again, headlines is super important. And if you have absolutely no clue how to phrase your your headline, just really pick one of the five templates that you're like can also write down multiple headlines and then just split this them. But I'm pretty sure that these templates will help you. You craft an amazing headline, especially if you consider the four correct characteristics of a converting handling and last but not need someone to sure six guidelines with you when you actually include the headline in your copy. In terms of phones times the Roman or Ariel work really well, then the fund color should be black or other dark haulers of stay away from light colors. Fund size should be pretty baked something the range of 24 to 36. Then capitalize every Werth really important. Use quotes and penetrations, especially if your headline it's a little bit longer. You will see it will measurably increased conversion rate in terms of the length. Well, keep it between 4 to 17 words. If you feel like you have to use more words, Teoh, you know, convey a message than hey, use more words. There are some headlines that are actually 82 words long, and they've done really well. Bed. The general rule is to really keep The headline is short. That's possible, right? So something in the range of 40 to 70 words is just great if it's longer, if it's order that's cruel, but really try to keep it a short and straight to the point as possible. 4. Hack #2 - The Grabber! : another cruel hack is starting you handling with a grabber. The grabber is one of the simplest ways to strengthen the headline, and it's all about the readers immediate attention by calling out your target audience. So a gravel is basically a single word or a couple of words stuck on the front off the headline to reach out and to grab the attention of certain specific prospects by pointing out that the message is specifically for them. So you can personalize your headlined by the occupation hobby location, for example, the city or state gender and H off your target audience. Let me give you a few examples. Attention dentists, waiters and waitresses on your feet for hours. Disappointed dieters goal first seniors, New York residents on Lee Man over 45 girls war link Attention small business owners, Social media for enterprise. I hope you get the point. It's not about rewriting your entire headline. It just really stuck in a few words or a single word on the front. Off your headlights to really call out your target audience, Man over 45 girls. Hello. I'm just speaking to you. I'm just speaking to New York residents or people living in Oklahoma, you will see your conversion rate will be much higher because your match message will be more specific. Right. And you can also tweet this method a little bit by posing a question and verbalizing the problem. Your target audience has fruit pain. No website traffic. No one to sell to feeling tired. Are you stressed? So really think? What is the number one problem you will sold with your product with the thing you want to sell right is headache. Is it a lack of traffic? Is that the lack of revenue? So really point out the problem because by pointing of the problem and asking a question, you will trigger a yes mo mentum in the mind off your target audience. And if you really start with the problem, that person will be immediately hooked because they will go like OK, that's for me. I only have the website traffic. I really have no one to Celtic. I really have no partner. I really have a little bit overweight and I'm struggling to to lose some weight. I'm really stress or I'm really afraid to lose my job. So whatever the problem is mention it at the beginning. So as you can see, there are two different types of grabbers. The 1st 1 is just really personalizing it by calling out the target audience you're speaking to, and the 2nd 1 is all about verbalizing the problem that your target audience has and asking a question. 5. Hack #3 - Testimonials Done Right : number three testimonials. I'd like to start this lesson with a quote by one of my favorite marketers. What others say about you and your product service or business is at least 1000 times more convincing than what you say. Right? Testimonials and endorsements of customers. Air really important if you're not using testimonials in your sales message than you're just making a huge mistake. So you have to include testimonials now, probably telling me. Well, that's pretty obvious, right? Obviously, you have to have two Simoni ALS. Well, what you need are testimonials that cell right, a testimonial that really helps to increase your conversion rate and, unfortunately, 90% of the sales copies that I see they just don't use testimonials properly. In fact, they even used to Simone was in the way that don't make the copier the product believable that also, sometimes it would be even better if these sales copies wouldn't even include a testimonial . And here is a great example of a testimonial that you shouldn't includes. Yet you see that very often. For example, great service. You should work with that guy, James. I mean, that testimonial tells me nothing. In fact, that even looks like it was faked like James doesn't even exist. People will go like, Who's the James? And besides, that doesn't really help selling the product or that serves here. Now it doesn't sell it all. The problem is that to semiannual is to bake. It's too general, and it doesn't support any claims in your sales copy. So the testimonial you want is a specific testimonial like this one here, right? Scott is strolling one of the best copper writers in the world and one of only three people whose opinion I trust. Over the last six years or so, he has written numbers pieces of advertising for me, all of which were enormously successful. What's maybe most impressive is his uncanny ability to sell high ticket items with ease. Last year, he wrote the letter that made $36 for every $1 spent mailing added prize point off $970. A letter he just wrote for me has made so far $23 for every $1 spent at a price point off $1222 we're still getting orders. Scott has my highest recommendation. Gary Halbert, the world's greatest copywriter. So Gary Holbert, He's Enough, The Legend, and he wrote this testimonial about Scott Hines, and I think you can see the difference. This testimonial really help selling not only because it's a testimonial from Gary Hulbert knew just the weight this testimony is written. It's really super specific, so specific testimonials are something you have to use right? The more specific at this ammonia list, the better. And the two things you should look out for in the great testimonial is to support the claims in your copy. And it should demonstrate and ease of use rights, especially if you sell the product. For example, a digital product on the course and how to lose weight. That testimonial, or the testimonials that you include, should back up all the claims in your sales copy, especially in the benefit list. So if you stayed something, for example, that you will lose weight like £30 in two months, you should have it a Simoni all that points that out. Or, for example, if you sell an axle course and you tell people that if you make it through the cores after six weeks you will just be able to handle axle with ease, and your work will be totally outstanding. You will get promoted. If you're good that actual, it will advance your career and so on. Right? So whatever you promise to your customer to a potential customer, whatever claim you make, it has to be backed up by data, by statistics or by testimonials. So really, go through a copy and check the points that aren't supported by any proof, social proof like testimonials, and then try to get testimonials from your customers and ask them to point out specific parts or specific aspect off your products. Ideally, you want to see it testimonial that I just that I just showed you so specific testimonies, Air super important and also make your testimonial believable. It should include four things. The name, the occupation, the picture of the person who's providing a testimonial and the location. So, for example, James um, lawyer than the including picture of him and then New York, right? So the more data, the more information you provide about the person who is providing that testimonial, the more believable it will be. So testimony is a really important go for specific testimonial set Back up the claims that you make in your copy. You want to include testimonials that help you selling your product. So go ahead and get believable testimonials, and you will see if you follow these rules. If you follow these instructions, your conversion rate world go up. Testimonials are probably the most powerful selling to all. Say, I hope you got the pine of this lesson and he will use testimonials the way seven figure copywriters use them in their sales copies. 6. Hack #4 - The Life Force 8: In fact, there's only one thing people care about and that is themselves. They care about what products will do for them, how they will change their lives, how they know, make their lives better, happier and more fulfilled. You have to understand that people buy products because they want to satisfy desires. It's really a simplest that people have needs and they seek satisfaction. So the big question is, what are these desires? Specifically, there are many different forms of desires, but there eight foundational desires common to everyone. Copyrighting legend David Wittman calls these desires the life force. Eight. According to him, these powerful desires are responsible for more sales than all other human ones combined, which is pretty crazy. So we human beings are biologically programmed with the following eight desires. The so called Life Force eight. Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension, enjoyment of food and beverages, freedom of fear, pain and danger, sexual companionship, comfortable living conditions to be superior, winning, keeping up with the John Icis Karen protection of loved ones and social approval. So I want you to go through your sales copy and check whether you appeal to one or more of these eight basic human desires, for example, in the headline, The SAP Headline, The Benefit List or in the PS. So when you create a copy based on the Life Force eight, you tap into the power of Mother Nature herself. The thing is, we can't escape these desires. For instance, you simply can't stop eating or not looking out for her Children. So we were born with these desires, and they'll be with us until the last day off our life. So tap into these desires used them in your copy, and I can almost guarantee that your conversion rate will increase almost overnight. 7. Hack #5 - Inject Scarcity: to motivate people to take action, they usually need an extra incentive. Remember when I said that people are more motivated to act by the fear off loss rather than gain? That's exactly what you're doing. When you inject scarcity into your sales copy. When people think there is a scarce supply of something they need, they usually rush to get some of it. You're offers simply appears more valuable and more irresistible to them. You can create a feeling of scarcity by telling your reader that either the quantity is in limited supply, where that your offer is valid for a limited time period so you can create scarcity by mentioning a dad line right. For example, by now, this offer is only available until midnight January 26th or limited availability. Register now for dis event there only 32 seats remaining. Or we can tell them that you will remove bonuses after June 26th for example, right. But there's also a second war subtle form of scarcity. Instead of telling people that your product might not be available after generate 26th he can point at how much it is costing them every single date that they don't take action on their problem, tell them how much they're losing and demonstrate what they're losing specifically by not taking action. For example, how much money they're wasting every day by not getting your product or how many potential customers they're missing out on scarcity is a really powerful tool. Generally speaking, you'll see better results with the first form of scarcity. But if it's not suitable for any reasons, because you know your product just isn't scares or you don't want to inject scarcity, you'll see great results with the second form of scarcity as well. And if you're really smart market or than you'll utilize both forms of scarcity in your sales copy to significantly increase the conversion rate off your sales copy. 8. Hack #6 - How To Research With Amazon : and the other really powerful copyrighting hackers to use Amazon. It's one of the best research tools in general. For example, if you if you want to find out what selling in your niche market. But you can also use Amazon Teoh, get some inspiration and great ideas and to improve your sales copy. So how does it work so good to amazon dot com, But then click gunshot by department, go to books and audible and just really check of the books Actions on On the Amazon. Then you want to hit bestsellers. So here, the bestselling books and Amazon and, well, this is pretty, pretty much broad. Say you want to find your category, your niche market, and you want to take a closer look at products that are similar to the product that you try to sell. So let's say I have a product on how to stop procrastinating. So we just hit self hope and than hit motivation, for example, right and check of the best selling books in that category. So, for example, if I have a product on, as I said before, how do you stop procrastinating? And I'm covering success stories or habits of highly successful people. How they combat procrastination, then well, this would be the perfect book to look at seven habits of highly effective people. So if you click on the book, then you have descriptions about the book. And, well, what's really interesting is the customer review section. So you want to do two things. Look at the four and five star reviews and look at the one star reviews. So you want to take notes on what people liked about the product and what people disliked about the product. And then use these quotes these phrases in your sales copy, for example, in your benefit, a list so you can tell people what they will get and what they will not get. So, really, take the time to go through reviews and and read them because it's really what top copywriters do you if you pay them like sometimes 100 thousands of dollars for writing a copy, what they really do, just doing some solid research and one of the resources that they really use its Amazon. So go through five star reviews and really read and write down what other people liked about that product. What outcome they expected what was the true benefit of reading that book and at the same time, check of the one so reviews, right? So, for instance, here's a great one. The writing style was needlessly long for cavalry was full of psych bez words. So, for example, if I wanted to improve my product or right betters description and there was selling a similar product, I would just tell them that this course includes easy vocabulary. There's no psychological best words. Everybody can understand the course, even a five greater. So I hope you really get the concept. Find your niche market. Find products that are similar to the ones that you're selling than pick at least three products and go through the four and five star reviews and through the one star reviews, and then include phrases in your sales copy and tell people what they will get and what they will not get. For example, of this guy here criticized a vocabulary. Tell them the vocabularies easy. If people complained that the book here is pretty much instructor than tell them hate. This one is This course is very structured, them very actionable. If people complain, there's too much theory and literally zero practical information. Then hey, go ahead and tell them that this book leaves at all of the theory, and it's really 100% practical actionable. It really just includes how to information. Amazon is a great research tool. It's a great hacked. You really skyrocket the conversion rate off your sales. Couples who go ahead, find products in your niche market and take notes on what customers liked and disliked. 9. Hack #7 - The Power Of Action Words: include action words in yourselves. Copy. Actual words are words that convey action, Catch hold of the reader's mind and one let go. He can use actual words to pump up your copy and have the heartbeat of your reader a little faster, which will result in the higher conversion rate. I recommend to go through your copy and see whether you can include some of the following words. For example, in your benefit list or in the had, like so action words are words like urgent insider information dominate wickedly effective , crucial, powerful exploit. Ignored, forgotten tactics. Grab and run Elite Surreal pain Rich comment. Amazing, Awesome. Limited Almost overnight. Discover bulletproof Gramp, get supercharge Overlooked Generates magic inner circle. Too good to be true on this loophole. Boost authorized forever. Reveal. Eliminate dramatically killer tricks jaw dropping Georges and Ultimate. So these words are just really awesome. They will boost your entire sales copy. You will see that your copy will be more emotion driven. And those words really convey action. Right? Stuff like discover awesome, amazing elite, grab and run Get on. Urgent insider information. These words and super powerful so really go through you copy and see where you can include them can highly recommend working with these action words. They just work there like magic. So go ahead, check them out and try where you can really include them in your copy to really just pump it up. 10. Hack #8 - Showcase Your Value : another really cool conversion hack is to showcase the value of the specific parts off your digital product, for example, so if you sell a digital product that consists of a number of modules and bonuses than showcasing the value of each and every module in bonus will really increase the conversion rate off her copy, let me show you what I mean. What you see here is the sales copy of Facebook Influence. It's basically digital product and the online cores that walks his through different aspects of Facebook marketing. Now, if we scroll down to the very bottom of this pretty long sales letter, then you'll see something interesting. Facebook Influence 2.0. With your investment of Facebook influence, you get instant access to everything you need to create a powerful Facebook marketing strategy, including module one, module 234 right, and then six different bonuses. Now what the guy these guys did here is not only listing the modules, they actually included how much each and every module or bonuses worth right module one. The Foundation for Facebook Success. $197 module to growing a lucrative fan base 197 module. Three. Building your authority and becoming the go to source. 1 97 Turning fans into loyal customers 1 97 or hear bone. This one content marketing power plays 50 strategic Facebook posts. You can model to boost your overall engagement $47 or new members only training workshops each time Facebook makes a major change or update $97 or full access members support with their private Facebook influence. Facebook Group. $397. Now, if a pro spect would read that right, he sees, Oh, I'm getting four different modules. Six different bonuses and whoa thes modules seem to be pretty expensive. These bonuses have to seem to have a lot of Valley. If he sees $97 the East $97 will seem to be like a huge deal, right? The best deal they've seen for a long time. Why? Because subconsciously they will add of these numbers, writes a subconsciously, the customer or the potential customer will believe he's getting a product that's worth like $1500. So the $97 here will seem to be like, Yeah, just a great deal. Not so much money at all. Right? If you would eliminate these numbers here, he would be like, OK, four different modules, six bonuses, $97. Well, that's almost $100. But if you're just giving him a different point of reference, right telling him Hey, each module is worth $197 so you would actually have to pay $800 just to get thes module here. Modules here, not to mention the bonuses right $800 compared to $97 doesn't seem too much. And if you add this bonuses here, thing is like really 1000 $500,800 that he would have to pay. So if you sell a digital product, if it's made up of different modules or bonuses, really showcased the value of each and every module and Bill nous do it this way, and if you showcase the price, you will see that the conversion rate will be a lot higher. It's just have the human mind works. If I talk about higher numbers before they mentioned a lower number, this number or this price will not sound so terrifying rights. If I talked about you know this product is runs like $1000. Here's what we have invested. This is what you get. This is what each and every module it's worth. And hey, here's a great deal. You get all of that, you get a product. That's Ruth. $8000 for $47 then you conversion rate will be a lot higher, so showcase the value. It's a great conversion hack. If you have a digital product to sell than make sure to include this little strategy in your sales copy, you will see that it works really, really great. 11. Hack #9 - The Power Of A 90-Days Refund Guarantee: what you see very off months sales copies is a 30 day refund guarantee. Does it work? Yes, it does. But there is something you can do better, and that is extending the reef in period from 30 days to 90 days. Exactly 90 days. 30 days is pretty much what everybody does. It's like a standard and you standard. And the effect this type of refund guarantee had years ago is much weaker today because people just go to use to a 30 day refund guarantee. However, if you work with a 90 day refund guarantee, you won't see to positive effect. First of all, your conversion rate will go happen because a 90 day refund guarantees more outstanding. More people will jump on board. Subconsciously, they will also assume that your product is outstandingly great. Otherwise, you wouldn't be so confident about offering a 90 day refund guarantee. Hope that makes sense. Second, fewer people will claim a refund. The reason is they will simply forget that the purchase your product. If you have Onley 30 days to test drive a product, it will stay top of your mind. However, if you have 90 days, those people simply start procrastinating. They don't even test the product and totally forget that they even purchased it So long. Story short. You can be totally confident about raising your refund guarantee from 30 days to 90 days, and as a result you will see a higher conversion rate. It's a simple trick that go ahead, check it out. You will see that it works really well. 12. Hack #10 - Incorporate Frequently Asked Questions : Another really powerful hack is to include a F H Q section in your sales copy. I wonder why so many marketers don't do that. In fact, it's one of the most powerful ways to instantly increase the conversion rate off your copy , just by adding a very specific section at the end off her copy. So this is a sales copy by digital Marketer. They're selling thes social selling system. How to leverage Facebook, Twitter, lengthen, Pinterest and more to sell your products and services without actually selling. So if we scroll down at the end, you see and F h Q sex and frequently asked questions Now whether the purpose of the F excuse action the purpose off a F H Q section is to answer customer objections or to provide additional information that shouldn't be included in the actual main body off your sales copy. So the four most common objections are. First of all, it's a refund guarantee, right? What if I'm not happy with the product that they got Number two? If it's a lower price items, especially something that you sell for $7 a trip wire, people will wonder, why is it so cheap. If it's $7 then probably it's just a bunch of crap. Because why should somebody sell the product for $7? If it's high quality number three, especially if it's a digital product, how will I get access to it? Or if it's a physical product, how will you ship it to me? When will I receive it? Is there some form of insurance? What if If I don't get the item right and number four, why are you or how is your product different? Um or why should they actually trust you? Do you have any social proof? So these four objections should be included in the actual copy in the F Excuse Section and Digital marketer. They've done a really good job of that. So first of all, the question, What is an execution plan here? They really explain how they're different, why their product is different. Why you should trust them. So they tell you stuff like, here's how it works. In the last 36 months, my team and I half invested over $50 million on marketing tests generated tens of millions of unique visitors sent well over a 1,000,000,000 emails, rand approximately 3000 split and multi variant tests. Right? So they really tell you Hey, we're different. We do this stuff, we practice what we preach. So here it can position your company or your product or your business in the unique Wait. So the number one Objection waas, Why should a prospect even trust you? What's your proof? That you can help that customer to accomplish his goals then the 2nd 1 Is there a guarantee ? Yep. Oliver, trainings have a 60 day, No question. Ask guarantee Really important. If you include something like that, people will go like OK, there was a refund. Garantia, I I hope these guys will not lie to me and that I really will get my money back. So why not just getting the training? If I'm not happy than I could just send him an email and I'll get my money back. Number three Why? $7? The pricing of this product is very strategic. Obviously they could ask for more. But the purpose of the $7 product is to get as many buyers on board this possible and then in the up, sell more expensive products. So you're the answer. The Objection. If you're thinking Dalton, $7 is cheap, what's the catch then? You're three reasons that should put you put your mind of East so they really explain why it's priced at $7 another $700 and then before, how long will it take to get access? Answer immediate. You're like and then access information will be sent to the email address you provide, and there will be a video on the next page that explains how you can access the guide inside off our execution plan library. So if it's a physical product, obviously have to rephrase it a bit and provide some information about the shipping. But if it's a digital product, really explain how they will get access after they give you $7. So really try to answer these four questions is a refund guarantee. If it's a lower priced item, what about the price? Why is it so cheap? How can I access the product and why should I trust that company? Why, or how is a product different and something else I'd like to point out, actually really verbalize the objection that the reader has just like here. If you're thinking $7 is cheap. What's the catch? Well, that's probably what most people think, right? So instead of just answering the question, verbalize it really, really important. That is a minor tweak. But you will actually speak directly to the customer and it that you will speak directly to your prospect. And he will be like, Oh, while they understand what I think So average Q section really important. Just added at the bottom off your sales copy. In case we haven't done it, do it. Answer the four questions and you will see that your conversion rate fell drastically improved just by adding this magical section tour sales copy. 13. Congratulations! : Congratulations. You made it until the end of this training. Thanks for being my student. I really appreciate your presence. Now it's important that you don't sit in what you just learned. We covered virtually everything you need to know to drastically improve the performance and conversion rate off your sales copy. So start deploying my tips and strategies today. And hey, if you have any questions, then feel free to reach out. We're here to help you and real answer all of your questions. So good luck. Take action. Do they keep me updated on your progress? Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon.