A Day In The Life: Photographing the World Around You | Micah-Daniel Lewis (ItsForGotham) | Skillshare

A Day In The Life: Photographing the World Around You

Micah-Daniel Lewis (ItsForGotham), Photographer

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9 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Welcome To Class

    • 2. Instructions/Opening Thoughts

    • 3. Shooting a Still Life Image

    • 4. Shooting a Landscape Image

    • 5. Shooting a Portrait

    • 6. Editing a Still Life Image

    • 7. Editing a Landscape Image

    • 8. Editing a Portrait

    • 9. Final Thoughts and Closing


About This Class

Explore a different side of NYC with photographer ItsForGotham as he takes us through his creative process of making striking images that tell the story of his surroundings.

In this class, students will learn new techniques, styles and scouting methods used to build the perfect photo set for clientele and personal work.

The three styles I am expecting in your project are as follows:

Still Life: An in-depth look into what your everyday life looks like, it could be the train driver on your commute to work, a group of horses on your way to school, this is the most open to your interpretation!

Landscape: A wide shot that can feature buildings, trees, a lake. The focus of the landscape image is to capture different aspects of an environment and present them in a single image, easier said than done!

Portrait: The most rigid of the 3 styles, a portrait capture the essence of the human spirit and presents it to your viewer. Definitely the most difficult style to master in my opinion, you can either be stealth and secretive, or brash and in-your-face. Whatever style you are comfortable with, the focus should always be on 1 human/animal subject at a time.

Successful projects will be well-thought, balanced and cohesive with students' style of photography/design. Remember to incorporate the themes learned in the first two classes into your final project for maximum litness. Links are here and here if you have yet to register for those classes.

*Giveaway* I will be selecting my favorite project on January 10th, 2016. The prize will include a limited edition, signed 20x30 print of my choosing (I only give the best, don't worry), as well as a 1-year Premium Skillshare membership which will allow you to learn from the thousands of other amazing teachers on this platform. Eligible projects must be submitted by January 9th 2016 at 11:59pmEST. Prizes are for eligble users in the U.S/Canada ONLY. 

Director/Cinematographer: Joe Cavallini | @joecav_ | joecavallini.com

Edited: Daniel Lewis | @itsforgotham | itsforgotham.com

Enroll today and I can't wait to see all of your projects!