From classes on street photography to lifestyle photography to food photography, and everything in between, Skillshare lets you capture the world the way you want to.

While our photo courses give professionals and hobbyists alike the tools they need to become experts, one of the most immersive parts of Skillshare is the fact that our classes aren’t just one-sided lessons — they’re true creative communities. The class community allows students from all walks of life and skill levels to submit photography projects and provide feedback on projects from their fellow learners. 

We decided to feature these budding photographers — and their art — front and center, and while it was really difficult choosing from the thousands of epic Skillshare photo projects, we found 24 pictures that absolutely blew us away. 

Check them out below, and show off your own photo skills by joining a photography class today. 


Shot by photographer Devin O’Brien for trashhand’s class Going Pro with Street Photography: Shooting Brand Lookbooks

Shot by photographer Sam Ithurburn for Joe Greer’s class Mobile Photography Creating Consistent Look and Feel

Shot by photographer Jennifer Morrow for Chris Burkard’s class Outdoor Photography: Shooting at Sunset, Sunrise, and Night

Shot by photographer Kristin Hoell for Elizabeth Weinberg’s class Photo Processing in Adobe Camera Raw: Getting the Cinematic Look

Shot by photographer Tristan Le Blevennec for trashhand’s class Street Photography: Capture the Life of Your City

Shot by photographer CJ Treasure for trashhand’s class Cityscape Photography: Capture Your City’s Story

Shot by photographer Diego Martinez for Dan Rubin’s class Lifestyle Photography: Everyday Storytelling in Photo & Print

Shot by photographer Jarell Alberto for Phil Ebiner’s class Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography.

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Shot by photographer Aaditya Pawar for Porter Yates’ class Frame a Great Shot: Exploring Photo Composition.

Shot by photographer Vasjen Katro for Tyson Wheatley class Mobile Photography Basics for Instagram Success.

Shot by photographer Liz Ayling for Marte Marie Fornsberg class Lifestyle Photography: Capturing Inspiring Visual Stories

Shot by photographer Andrew Lane for Chris Burkard’s class Outdoor Photography for Smartphone Getting a Professional Look

Shot by photographer Elizabeth Bright for Mariya Popandopulo’s class Still Life Photography: Magic of Extra Lights.

Shot by photographer Michael Jason Perez for Benjamin Heath’s class Portrait Photography: Working With Natural Light.

Shot by photographer Paula Chan for Dan Rubin’s class Travel Photography: Seeing Shooting and Editing

Shot by photographer Robert Beckert for Andre Wagner’s class Street Documentary Photography: The Ongoing Moment.

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Shot by photographer Alisha Sommer for Lindsay Crandall’s class Creative Self-Portrait Photography: Going Beyond the Selfie


Shot by photographer David W for Jamal Burger’s class Photo Editing in Lightroom: Make Your Cityscapes Stand Out

Shot by photographer Freya Dowson for Ami Vitale’s class Documentary Photography: Capturing Places and People

Shot by photographer Sarah Fabian for JP Danko’s class Edit Like a Pro: Photoshop for Photographers

Shot by photographer Jena Buckwell for Adam Goldberg’s class iPhone Food Photography: Capturing Coffee, Dessert, and More

Shot by photographer Danae Hudson for Ian Norman’s class Nightscapes: Landscape Astrophotography

Shot by photographer Drew Bernardo for Maria Jose Govea’s class Low-Light Photography: Settings & Tips to Capture the Dark

These student photo projects are just the tip of the iceberg. By joining Skillshare you’ll get access to the best photography classes on the internet, and will be able to post your very own student projects. 

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Cover photo by Pacto Visual via

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Lance Wildorf

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