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When you start a new creative project, you might already have a color palette or style guide in mind. But what if you don’t? Sometimes that’s even better, as it can be a fun way to explore new colors and search for the perfect shade. 

Random color generators will help you get started. They’re online tools that help you discover new hues that you can use in a variety of design projects. 

Ready to get inspired? Here’s what you need to know about random color generators.

What Are Some Random Colors?

There are seemingly infinite random colors. Even something as simple as “blue” will have thousands of different shades and hues—from cobalt to cerulean. 

But, if the goal here is to truly be random, here are a few assorted colors we love (along with their corresponding hexadecimal codes, which is a number system that uses a sequence of characters to represent a specific value—like a color): 

  • Alice Blue: #f0f8ff
  • Amethyst: #9966cc
  • Celadon: #ace1af
  • Dark Red: #8b0000
  • Eggshell: #f0ead6
  • Hunter Green: #355e3b
  • Magenta: #ff00f
  • University of California Gold: #b78727
  • Viridian: #40826d

If you want to get even more creative, try putting some of them together to create bold and eye-popping color combinations. 

How Do You Generate Random Colors in React?

React is primarily known as a tool for creating web applications and user interfaces. But, you can also use it to create code to generate random colors in your design. You’ll need to build a customized code to generate a rotating array of random colors in React that looks something like this: 

Color = var getRandomColor [variable 1, variable 2]

Since coding requires specialized knowledge, we suggest consulting a detailed guide

7 Best Random Color Generators

If you’re ready to get some creative color inspiration, look no further. We’ve selected the top seven random color generators and fun-to-use color randomizer wheels for all your creative needs.

1. Random Colour

Source: Random colour
This simple color generator comes with no bells or whistles.

Color generators don’t get simpler than this site: reload the page to see a new color to pop up. The random color palette generator is perfect if you’re searching for a new shade without any limitations. One downside is that it only shows you the color itself—there aren’t any hex color codes or other information. 

2. Random Hex Color Code Generator
Source: randomly generates colors from atmospheric noise.

This color generator randomly generates as many colors as you want, which is perfect for coming up with color palettes to work with. Simply continue clicking “Generate Color” to see new colors pop up. Each color comes with hex color codes—simply click on a color to copy its code to your clipboard.

3. Coolors

fall color palette
Source: Coolors
Used by companies like Netflix and Disney, Coolors is a professional site to spark fresh ideas.

If you want to work with random colors but have some control over the specific shade, Coolors is the choice for you. Its CSS color picker is brilliant for selecting a random color and discerning different shades, temperatures, tints (lighter shades with a white base), and tones (lighter shades with a grey base). Unlike the other tools, Coolors will actually generate an entire color palette. Coolors is available as an Adobe add-on, Chrome extension, and iOS app. 

4. ColorSchemer Random Color Generator

color schemer
Source: Color Schemer
This random color generator makes viewing text on different colors easy.

The perk to color finder ColorSchemer is that you can instantly see how white, black, and shadowed text appear on a colorful background, which is helpful when designing with readability in mind. The random color generator gives you five different color codes for your project: hex, RGB, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, key), HSV (hue, saturation, value), and HSL (hue, saturation, lightness). 

5. Colorrrs Random Color Picker

Source: Webfx
Just click the spacebar to see one new color at a time.

This soothing site will guide you one color at a time. Just press the spacebar to have a new color pop up on your screen, along with the corresponding hex code. (One fun way to use the tool: as a random hair color generator for characters you’re creating!)

6. GIGA Calculator Random Color Generator

giga calculator
Source: Giga Calculator
You can limit the color palette selections you see with this site.

If you’re looking to control the types of color palettes you see, this is the random color generator for you. You can select from limited palettes like red and black, or a three-color wheel, six-color wheel, or 12-color wheel. You can also generate multiple colors at once to save some time.

7. Shodor Random Color Generator

blue green
Source: Shodor
This is a super easy color generator to use.

With the biggest font of all our selections, this palette generator is great for anyone tired of squinting at color hex codes in small fonts. Created by the computational science nonprofit Shodor, this website allows you to generate one color at a time with the press of a button.

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