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Talking Head: Audio Setup

Talking Head: Audio Setup

Jimmy Chorng

Jimmy Chorng


Audio Setup

Having the best audio quality possible can greatly improve the watchability of a class, and having bad audio can be extremely distracting. First and foremost, you should be recording in a fairly quiet environment. No microphone can save a noisy environment.

Lavalier Microphones (Best Option)

You may want to consider a lavalier microphone that you can clip onto your shirt, and run the cable through your clothes so it’s hidden. An additional benefit is its proximity to your mouth, which should provide a very clean signal without too much ambient noise. The options below are lavalier microphones that plug straight into your smartphone or camera and clip onto your clothing near your chest.

Polsen OLM-10 Lavalier Microphone ($22.95)
Aspen Mics HQ-S Lavalier Microphone ($44.95)
Giant Squid Audio Lab Lavalier Microphone ($52.00)
Rode smartLav+ for iPhone and Smartphones ($79.00)

USB Microphones

USB Microphones are plug and play; once your plug it in your computer will automatically recognize it. Keep in mind where you place this microphone. It's best if the audience does not see it at all, but as long as it's not too prominent in the frame it will be less distracting. You could place it behind your camera if your setup allows for this.

Blue Microphones Snowball USB Microphone - a tried and true option

Higher-performance microphones will provide a clear and crisp sound, but will of course cost more. Some of our favorite teachers use the Audio-Technica AT2020USB microphone.

XLR Lavalier Microphones

Most professionals use XLR microphones (think NPR). These high-end microphones require a separate preamplifier and/or computer interface. Preamplifiers are made for both computers and cameras.

Audio-Technica PRO70 Lavalier Microphone ($129.00)
Shure SM93 Lavalier Microphone ($155.00)
Audio-Technica AT899 Lavalier Microphone ($269.00)

XLR Microphone USB Interface for Computers

If you’re using your webcam and/or you’re screencasting, you can use an XLR microphone with a USB interface. When connected to your computer, you will see the preamplifier show up as its model name in your system preferences.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB Audio Interface ($149.99)
Behringer UM2 Audio Interface ($84.97)

XLR Preamplifier for Cameras

Preamplifiers made for cameras convert an XLR signal to a common 3.5mm input/connector, which are often found on DSLR’s and point-and-shoots.

iRig Preamplifier for iPhone and Android Devices ($37.07)

  • This preamplifier can be used with your mobile phone.
  • NOTE: The iRig requires this cable to use with any camera other than an iPhone or Android device.

BeachTek DXA-2T Audio Adapter ($179.00)

Jimmy Chorng


Apologetically Californian.

Jimmy Chorng


Apologetically Californian.

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