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Recording, Editing, and Exporting with Camtasia Studio for Windows

Recording, Editing, and Exporting with Camtasia Studio for Windows

Jimmy Chorng

Jimmy Chorng


Recording with Camtasia Studio

Camtasia for Windows offers advanced features like quizzes and surveys, but these features will not be covered in this tutorial as they are inapplicable to Skillshare’s platform.

1. Open Camtasia

2. In the upper left, click the dropdown menu. Camtasia offers you the option of recording a PowerPoint presentation with an additional plug-in. This tutorial will cover recording your screen and webcam only.

3. Click Record the screen. Camtasia Recorder will open as a separate application. This panel allows you to turn on screen recording, your webcam, and your audio input.

4. Choose your recording area. The “Select area” option allow you to either record your entire screen, or exact dimensions. Use only Widescreen (16:9) options. Your screen resolution may be larger than 1920 x 1080, and as long as it is in a 16:9 ratio (See “Preparing for Screen Recording”) feel free to record “Full Screen”.

5. If you have a webcam you would like to use, click the dropdown menu to select it.

6. Next, select your audio source from the dropdown menu. You have the additional option of to “Record system audio”, which allows you to record sounds you play from your computer like music.

7. Once you have all your sources set, click the record button. Camtasia will prompt you to stop recording by pressing F10 on your keyboard, then a countdown will begin (although you can change this in Preferences).

8. To stop recording, press F10 OR you can navigate to your menu bar Window > Recording. This will bring up the recording panel.

9. From here, you can pause or stop your recording. Delete if you’d like to start over. If you pause, simply press resume to start again. When you stop recording, Camtasia will preview your recording.

10. If you’re happy with your results, press Save & Edit in the lower right, and enter the file name and where you’d like to save it.

11. Once you save, your recording will appear in the Timeline and Media Bin. The number of tracks on your timeline represent your screen recording, webcam, and a third, System Audio if you’re recording the sounds coming from your computer (not your voice). In the example below there is only a screen recording and audio recording.


Editing with Camtasia Studio

In the timeline, Camtasia will have 1 track for every recording of media (in this example there are 2: 1 screen recording, 1 audio recording).

In the Media Bin, Camtasia shows all your recording sessions. At the bottom, there are some editing tools like Callouts (graphics), Zoom-n-pan, Audio effects, and Transitions.

If you click More, you’ll see Cursor Effects, Visual Properties, Voice Narration, Record Camera, Captions, and Quizzing. This tutorial will not cover these tools, but Camtasia has many resources if you want to do even more with your recordings.

Sizing & Placing

If you recorded your with your webcam, you can size the video independently of the screen recording. Select the video you would like to resize. A white border will appear and allow you to drag at the corners to resize and place the videos. You can also rotate from the center handle.


If you need to cut out a portion in the middle of your video, place the playhead at the start of what you want to cut out. Navigate to Edit > “Split” to split 1 video in your timeline OR “Split All”, which will split all tracks in the timeline.

In the example below, 1 track has been split. The blue portion indicates which clip is currently selected.

Repeat this at the end of the video portion you'd like to cut out.

From here simply select the portion you want out and press Delete, or right click > Delete.

By utilizing the Split tool, you can endlessly edit and rearrange your recorded videos. If you have false starts you can easily cut them out, which should make recording easier by not having to nail everything in one take.


Exporting with Camtasia

1. Once you’ve finished editing, you can export by navigating to Produce and Share. Then select Produce and Share again.

2. In the window below, click the dropdown menu and select MP4 only (up to 720p). Regardless of what size you recorded your video, they will export as 720p MP4 videos, which are great format for Skillshare’s video player.

3. Select where you would like to save and name the file.

4. When you click finish, your file will begin exporting.

Jimmy Chorng


Apologetically Californian.

Jimmy Chorng


Apologetically Californian.

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