Grow and Engage Your Student Following

Using Your Community Board and Project Gallery

The Community section of your class is an area for students to interact by asking questions and sharing tips and resources. The more students collaborate with one another, the more enriching their class experience. As the teacher, it’s your job to spark conversations by being active in the Community section and prompting students to interact.

Here are a few great ways to use your Community section: 

  • Post a welcome message

After publishing your class, post a “welcome” message to thank students for joining the class and let them know that you’re available to answer any questions that come up along the way. Here is a great example.  

  • Make announcements and share resources

 Let students know if you’ve published a new class or share resources that you think they’ll find helpful, like articles, interviews, or anything else. Use the “email all students” button to trigger an email notification with your post.

  • Check in regularly to answer questions

 Check in every 1-2 days to reply to unanswered questions with your helpful tips and insights.


Your class Project Gallery is where students upload their class projects as they take your class. Since the number of projects uploaded in your class impacts how high it trends in our class listings, it’s important to encourage students to start their projects early and update them over time. Especially when your class is new, a great way to encourage students to share their work is to show that you’re actively reviewing projects and providing feedback. Students will find your individual feedback extremely valuable and inspiring.

Here are a few tips for leaving feedback in the Project Gallery:  

  • Be upbeat and encouraging

 Always use a friendly and positive tone when providing feedback so that students feel encouraged and appreciated for their work. Mention your favorite part of their project or let them know that they’ve done a great job.

  • Provide constructive tips

Help students improve and take their projects to the next level by providing a tip for what could be tweaked or done a bit differently. Even better, explain how they can make the improvements.

  • Prompt students to continue the project

Since projects on Skillshare are uploaded as a work in progress, inspire students to continue with their project by letting them know that you look forward to seeing their next iteration.