Producing Your Class, Exporting and Uploading - Teacher Handbook - Skillshare

Producing Your Class

Exporting and Uploading

To ensure a smooth uploading process, refer to these basic video specifications before diving into filming.

Video Specifications

  • Videos should be recorded at a minimum resolution of 1920x1080
  • Videos must include an audio track
  • 16:9 Aspect Ratio for slides + video format 
  • Frame rate should be either 24 or 30 fps
  • If you're filming with a handheld device, always go for the highest quality available 

Once you’ve wrapped up with filming, follow these exporting specifications from your editing software to make uploading your class videos a breeze!  

Exporting Specifications

  • Video bit rate of at least 300 kbits/second (3000-5000 kbits/second is ideal)
  • Videos should not be greater than 2GB in size
  • Use .mp4 when exporting your video files
  • Video compression format: H.264 
  • Audio codec: AAC-LC


Experiencing issues while uploading your class videos? Find a few immediate tips to help troubleshoot:

Why are my videos taking a long time to process?
If you’re seeing a “Processing” message on your videos, simply refresh the class creator to get the latest status of the videos. Another pro-tip: try uploading one video at a time to shorten processing time.

Why do I see an upload error on my video?
If you receive an “Upload Error” when attempting to upload a video, there are a few possible causes. We’ve put together these recommendations to help troubleshoot:

  1. Make sure your video meets all our video specifications.
  2. Make sure your network connection is strong. A weak connection can have a major effect on uploading speed. If you don’t have a strong internet connection at home, head to your local coffee shop to upload your videos!
  3. If you’re attempting to upload too many videos at once, a system time-out may be occurring. Try uploading only one video at a time.
  4. Try switching to a different web browser, preferably Google Chrome or Firefox.

How can I solve this low bit rate issue?
If you’re having trouble uploading your videos to Skillshare due to a low bit rate, we recommend re-exporting your videos with a target bit rate of 3000–5000 kbits/second. To check your video’s bit rate, you can use a free tool like MediaInfo (Mac, Windows) and if you’re using Quicktime, open your file and hit command-I to see a consolidated bitrate. Both programs will give you detailed information about your video's encode properties.

Unable to re-export your original videos with a higher bit rate? Your other option is to re-encode your videos using a software called HandBrake. Here’s how:

  1. Install HandBrake (Mac, Windows)
  2. Select your video via the Source button (or click and drag into HandBrake)
  3. Select and name the Destination for where you’d like the new video to be saved to
  4. You can leave most of the settings on their default.

This new version will allow for the highest-quality playback for students once your video is uploaded to Skillshare

If you’re still having trouble uploading your class videos, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected], and we’ll help troubleshoot!