Producing Your Class

Teaching with Confidence

Our most successful teachers are clear, confident and relaxed in front of the camera. Throughout your lessons, don't be afraid to smile, speak casually, and show your personality. Students love seeing a teacher have fun — there's no need for your class to feel formal. Check out these best practices for teaching with confidence.  

  • Appear comfortable and confident by using your hands as you would when talking to a friend. Think of it as a conversation with the camera, rather than a lecture.

  • Look directly into the camera as though someone is standing right behind it. Even better - ask a friend or family member to help you out.

  • Speak clearly and naturally. Stick to a moderate pace, and allow your tone to go up and down. Don't be afraid to show enthusiasm and excitement! Avoid long pauses and distracting "ums" and "ahs." These are often inevitable, so simply do a few retakes when necessary or edit them out later.

  • Let your knowledge shine. Share your unique tips, best practices, examples, and expertise rather than simply "touring" students through the process.

  • Refer to your outline. Avoid long-winded, rambling explanations by sticking to the main talking points or script you prepared.

  • Don't forget to smile! Especially at the beginning and end of your video, a smile will help set a friendly, relaxed tone for your videos.


It can help to watch someone else on screen to loosen you up for your own on-camera debut. We put together a short list of just some of the amazing Skillshare classes we've seen where the teacher is comfortable, confident and having fun:

We also asked a few of our top teachers to share their personal best practices for getting comfortable and confident for film day. Check out their insights here.

Looking for feedback on your videos? Share your introduction video in the Skillshare Teacher Center for helpful feedback from other teachers, or email it to us at [email protected].