Grow and Engage Your Student Following

Teacher Profiles

Your Skillshare profile is your very own page on Skillshare. Designing your profile is an important step to building credibility as a teacher. By customizing your Skillshare profile, you can showcase your classes, introduce yourself, and highlight your work by linking to your portfolio, online shop, articles you’ve written, or anything else you’d like your students to see! 

To get you started, we’ve created an overview of the different sections of your profile with examples to check out for inspiration. That being said, the profile tool is designed to allow for flexibility, we encourage you to customize your profile however you’d like! Once you're ready to update your profile, head here for a step-by-step guide that will take you through the whole process.  



1. The Basics

For a good example of how to set up the fundamentals of your profile, check out Fraser Davidson's. He designed an image of himself, included links to his social media profile and chose “Designer / Director / Animator” for his title. Another good example is Faye Brown who uses the name of her business “Faye Brown Designs” for her title and chose a clear headshot for her profile image.   

2. Introduce Yourself  

There are a number of ways to share your background with students. Elizabeth Olwen has written a bit about her personal and professional background and ends by sharing places her work has appeared. Peg Fitzpatrick filmed a short video that takes place in her hometown and explains why she loves the work she does. Kate Bingaman-Burt uploaded a playful .gif to go along with a few paragraphs about her background.   

3. Teaching Section

The “Teaching” section is where you can highlight the class(es) you teach on Skillshare. Depending on your classes, you might consider including multiple teaching sections. For an example, see how Jake Bartlett has broken his classes into different sections.    

4. Projects

By including a section for projects, you can provide students with examples of the work they can create in your classes. Ohn Mar Win has a dedicated project section that she updates each time she publishes a new Skillshare class. This is also an excellent place to highlight your expertise by sharing work you have done outside of Skillshare. 

5. Student Testimonials

Student testimonials are a powerful tool that can encourage new students to try out your class(es) and also motivate existing students to take another of your classes. Jen Dixon’s profile includes a section “What Students Are Saying” where she posts positive feedback her classes have received. Jon Brommet has a similar section on his profile with glowing student testimonials. 

6. Customizable Options

Depending on your expertise, you may want to add additional sections to your profile. Aaron Draplin has a section “My Merch” with links to his online shop. Tyson Wheatley created a section to highlight links to his podcast and his blog. Gabrielle DeCesaris has a “What to Watch” section as well as a “Tip of the Week”.

Your profile is a fantastic way to share your work and brand with your students. Make it as unique as you are!

Ready to update your profile? Head here for a step-by-step guide that will walk you through the process!