Producing Your Class, Preparing to Film - Teacher Handbook - Skillshare

Producing Your Class

Preparing to Film

Once you have your outline; know what style you’ll be using to teach your class (screencasting, sharing slides, talking head, physical demonstration, or a combination); you have your camera, audio, and lighting set up; and you’re feeling confident, it’s time to get your final ducks in a row before you press “record.” 

  • Practice: Practicing once or twice will help you relax, get more familiar with your content, and will allow you to move through your information more fluidly once the camera starts rolling. If you want to make your practice round a little more like the real thing, grab a friend and have them watch. 
  • Get Your Assets Ready: If you have photos, slides, physical materials, b-roll, or anything else you need for your class, gather it all up before film day.
  • Remove Distractions: Make sure there are no distracting visuals or sounds in the background. There’s nothing worse than a great lesson with a distracting buzz in the background! If you’re using a screencast, clean up your computer’s desktop and turn off any notifications before you start recording. If you’re using talking head, clean up your actual desktop and make sure your set reflects and enhances the quality of your class.