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Earning Revenue

Earning Royalties

Skillshare teachers earn revenue based on a royalty system. Each month, 30% of Skillshare’s total Membership revenue goes to a royalty pool for teachers. 

Teachers are paid from the royalty pool based on their share of the paid minutes watched by students (both paying members and those in free trials) across the platform each month. For example, if a teacher's classes receive 5% of the minutes-watched by members, that teacher receives 5% of the royalty pool. Because we are a subscription service, the size of the royalty pool and the number of minutes watched on Skillshare fluctuates from month-to-month. 

On average, teachers can earn $200 a month on Skillshare, with repeat, long-term teachers earning upwards of $3,000! 

You must get a minimum total of 30 paid minutes watched across all of your classes within a month in order to receive a payment for that month. Please note: minutes watched by students through a free access link do not count towards royalty payments, nor do trailer minutes watched as all class trailers are available to watch for free.