Promoting Your Classes

Marketing Tools

Since marketing your class to your own community is crucial to your success on Skillshare, we’ve built three different tools to make sharing your class as easy as possible. Before we explain how and why to use each tool, let’s review how students pay for and access classes on Skillshare.

How do students pay for classes on Skillshare?

Skillshare operates as a subscription service, similar to other sites like Spotify and Netflix. Students sign up for a recurring monthly or annual “Premium Membership,” which gives them access to all classes on the site. Most teachers choose to keep their classes in our Premium Membership catalog, which is the default choice when you publish your class, but you also have the option of making your class available for free, meaning anyone can access it on Skillshare regardless of whether they’ve signed up for Premium Membership.

We’re currently running a special promotion for Premium Membership, which means it’s easier than ever to get your friends and family to sign up! All students who sign up for Premium Membership for the first time get their first two months of Premium for free. 

How does this work? When a student signs up for Premium Membership for the first time, they’ll be prompted to select either our monthly or annual plan, but their first payment won't happen until two months after they sign up. They can of course choose to cancel their Premium Membership before that second month is up, in which case, they won’t be charged the first two months or annual payment.

Now that you understand how students sign up for Premium Membership and access classes, let’s look at the three different tools you can use to share your class with your community.

1. Referral Link 

Your referral link is the go-to way to share your Premium class with your community to earn your $10 referral bonus. When your friends and followers click your referral link to access your class, they’ll be invited to sign up for a Premium Membership with their credit card and can choose between our monthly or annual subscription options.

Once your class is published, you’ll be able to locate your referral link in a few different places (don't worry if the link looks slightly different in each place; each link will still operate in the same way). 

On the left toolbar of your class:


At the top of the Promote section of your class creator:


In the pop-up box that appears when you hover over the email Share button on the bottom-right side of your class beneath the video playlist (click "Get Shareable Link"):


In the Premium Referrals page within your Profile Settings:


Why use your referral link? When someone from your network signs up for Premium Membership through your referral link, you earn a $10 bonus! Plus, having this student engage in your class helps get your class trending so that it can be discovered by the over 5M+ students on the platform and helps build credibility and social proof for your class. We think that your referral link is the absolute best way to promote your class

Things to keep in mind: When your friends and followers click your referral link and are prompted to sign up for Premium Membership in order to watch your class, remember that they won't be charged anything for their first two months thanks to our special promotion for first-time members. Even if they opt to cancel their Premium Membership before they receive their first full charge 2 months later, you’ll still get your $10 bonus!

2. Free Access Link 

Use a free access link to share your Premium class for free with your network so that they don’t have to sign up for Premium Membership in order to watch your class. When someone from your network clicks your free access link to access your class, all they’ll have to do is create a free Skillshare account by entering their email address or connecting through Facebook - they won’t need to enter any credit card information.

Create a free access link at the bottom of the Promote section of your class creator (note: the Promote section won’t appear until your class is live):

Why use a free access link? A free access link makes it really easy for your network to watch your class (no credit card; no subscription to Premium). Plus, when your friends, family and followers off of Skillshare take your class, leave positive reviews, and start projects, it builds social proof and credibility for your class, which means other students on Skillshare will be more likely to participate.

Things to keep in mind: Students that watch your class by using a free access link do not count toward your royalty payments and do not earn you the $10 teacher referral bonus (since these students aren’t signing up for our Premium Membership). However, if a student who clicks your free access link does decide to sign up for Premium Membership within 30 days (through our first two months for free promotion), you will indeed receive the $10 referral bonus.

3. Free Toggle

You also have the option of making your class free which makes it available to anyone with a Skillshare account rather than just to Premium members. You can make your class free and switch it back to Premium whenever you’d like.

Toggle your class to “Free”  in the Additional Details section of your class creator (within Class Info):

Why toggle your class to free? Making your class free on Skillshare is an easy way to quickly grow your student following because it becomes accessible to anyone on the platform. Most teachers who make their class free see a significant uptick in students watching their classes (and followers, as a result). These students help establish credibility for your class and help to get it discovered by more students. Some teachers make their class temporarily free until it reaches a certain number of students, and others keep their first class free forever to quickly grow a following that they can monetize with future Premium classes.

Things to keep in mind: Minutes watched in your class while it's free do not count towards your royalty payments.