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Pre-Publish Merchandising

Lesson Titles

On Skillshare, every class is broken up into multiple short lessons to keep the class digestible and to encourage teachers (you!) to organize classes clearly and in bite-sized pieces. Video lesson titles are your opportunity to communicate what students are about to learn, and to orient them with an at-a-glance class outline. Ideally, your lesson titles will make it possible for students to jump right to the sections that are relevant to them. 

Here are some lesson title best practices to keep in mind:

  • Remove numbers and symbols (e.g., “Video #1”).
    Skillshare automatically numbers class lessons, so there’s no need to add numbers to your titles.
  • Ensure lesson titles reflect your outline
    Your lesson titles should clearly map to your class outline. Think of lesson titles as a table-of-contents for your class.
  • Avoid long titles
    To ensure that your lesson titles don’t get cut off, limit them to 35 characters or fewer.
  • Use proper capitalization
    A title like “Add Layers in Photoshop” looks more polished than “Add layers in photoshop.” You can use a tool like this one to double-check your capitalization. Be sure to reread your titles before publishing and check for typos and spelling errors. Pro Tip: Check out your favorite classes to get ideas on how to name your lessons.

Here is an example of a clear, well-organized list of lessons:

Style Your Space: Creative Tips and Techniques for Interior Design 

  1. Introduction 
  2. What is Styling?
  3. Quiz: Find Your Style
  4. Identify Your Style
  5. Develop Your Style Confidence
  6. Stick to a Color Palette
  7. Mix Your Favorite Styles
  8. Use Trends Wisely
  9. Source Items You’ll Love
  10. Shop for Vintage Finds
  11. Style a Space with Emily
  12. Final Thoughts