Promoting Your Classes

How the Platform Works

The Skillshare platform is built as a meritocracy; whether you happen to be a famous expert in your field or are simply passionate about what you do, we believe that the quality of your content should speak for itself. To ensure that all teachers have the same potential to succeed, we’ve put into place a few platform rules that that make sure great classes get discovered. In understanding these rules, you’ll be better equipped to make your own class a success.

Trending on Skillshare  

Your class will become visible on our Trending page as soon as it goes live. Your class’s position on the Trending page is determined based on an algorithm we created to capture the attributes of our most enjoyable and engaging classes, accounting for both quality and student engagement. All classes are designated a Trending Score and displayed in order of their scores from highest to lowest.

To ensure freshness of content, newer classes are given a slight bump, which is why it’s important to get started with class marketing as soon as your class goes live. The more students engage in your class, the higher your class will rise and the more students on Skillshare who will discover it.

Your Followers

When students start watching your class, they are prompted to follow you on Skillshare. Your followers are notified each time you publish a new class or post a new Discussion from your profile. This means that once you've published your first class, you essentially have a built-in audience on the platform. With each class you share, you have an opportunity to gain new followers and grow your presence on Skillshare.


The first step towards trending and building your following on Skillshare to maximize your earnings is to market your class to your own networks using these marketing tools