Producing Your Class

Class Production Checklist

Follow this checklist to prepare for your film day and successfully record your lessons:

□ Choose your video format - screencasts, physical demonstrations, or a combination of both. Note that whatever format(s) you choose, you should vary your visuals every 30 seconds or so to keep students engaged.

□ Schedule a film date into your calendar; most teachers film their classes in one day, or even in just a few hours.

□ Choose your location - a quiet space free of distractions and background noises. If you're shooting a physical demonstration, check out our tutorial on filming with natural light.

□ Gather your filming equipment, and install any necessary software to your computer or device.

□ Prepare any additional materials you’ll need for filming, such as a slide presentation, example images or objects, materials for a physical demonstration, etc.

□ Do an out-loud run-through of your lessons using your class outline (some teachers choose to write out a script; others simply use their talking points).

□ Film your lessons! Refer back to Recording a Screencast and Recording a Physical Demonstration for plenty of tips and resources.

□ Edit your class. Remove "ums," pauses, and rambling, and switch up your visuals every 30 seconds.

□ Export and upload your video lessons to your class draft.