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Getting Started

Class Quality Guidelines

It is our goal for every student to have a delightful experience every time they visit Skillshare. When students love what they see, they come back for more! 

Why class quality matters

Teachers earn money when students watch their classes: the more minutes students watch, the more revenue teachers earn. It follows that the better your classes are, the more revenue you will see at the end of each month. This is one way that quality = success on Skillshare. 

High-quality classes are also eligible for special promotions or features like a Staff Pick badge, browse page features, or inclusion in our workshop programming, which help further raise visibility and credibility on the platform. 

A high-quality class → a great student experience → more minutes watched → more followers and visibility → success! 

Creating a high-quality class takes time and effort — it’s not quick and easy. But even beyond the success you find here, learning how to produce polished video content is valuable, especially when you have something important to share with the world. These skills will serve you well, on and off of Skillshare. And we’re here to help, every step of the way. 

So what, exactly, do we mean by “high-quality”? What follows is a handy reference for producing great content for Skillshare. Be sure to refer back as you start creating!

All classes on Skillshare need to meet the following criteria. If they don’t, they may be removed by our curation team. 

  • Foster Learning for the Sake of Learning
    We support authentic, inspired learning: all classes on Skillshare are, first and foremost, educational. Classes help students to expand their knowledge, flex their creative muscles, and have genuine interactions in the community. As such, classes may not consist simply of a walkthrough, review, or demo of a certain website or tool without any added knowledge-based value from the teacher.  Classes that guarantee or promise a specific outcome or are geared primarily towards helping students achieve a static or monetary reward (e.g. follower count on a platform, a specific income) are not permitted.

  • Meet Standards for A/V Quality
    The audio in your class must be clear and easy to understand, without distracting background noises. The video must be steady and high resolution (not blurry or pixelated.)

  • Include a Class Project
    We believe in learning by doing, and that’s why all Skillshare classes are project-based. All classes on Skillshare need to have a project component — ideally one that is fun and engaging.

  • Meet Minimum Standards for Length
    Classes must be at least 10 minutes long. You can upload a new class as often as once/week.

  • Adhere to Our Community Guidelines
    We take the safety of our community seriously, which means all classes must meet our Community Guidelines. Teachers must be the primary content producer behind their classes, post legal content, and interact with students and members of our team with respect. Teachers may not publish classes into our Premium catalog that are available for free off of Skillshare (learn more here). 

  • Include Introduction Videos
    Introduction videos let the student know what they’re about to learn, and provide you with an opportunity to share your experience and background. Students need to understand why they should trust you. This is your chance to tell them!

  • Include Well-Organized Content
    Great instruction requires great structure. Classes must be based upon a lesson plan or course outline.

  • Vary Visual Presentation
    Your class should contain varied visuals throughout. For example, include on-screen text and example images, or switch between talking head shots and slides. Talking head shots need to be well-lit with professional backdrops. Slides need to be well-structured and visually-appealing. Avoid rambling, ums, or excessive pauses.

  • Share Value
    You should impart expertise through tips, best practices, frameworks, concepts, theory, and/or examples. Your experience and insight is the most valuable thing you have to share!

  • Teach Clearly
    Your teaching should be clear, professional, authentic, and engaging.

  • Visit our official Class Guidelines and Community Guidelines for more details.

Excellent classes (eligible for a “Staff Pick” or inclusion in workshop programming) are also: 

  • Demystifying: The class is insightful and accurate — not superficial.
    • The teacher has a high subject matter expertise.
    • A variety of information is presented (e.g. stats, tools, tips, tricks) 
    • Narration emphasizes why over what. 
  • Personal: The class is engaging, authentic, and connects with students.
    • The teacher speaks to students with warmth and respect, has an inviting demeanor, and uses references to personal experiences and/or examples.  
  • Actionable: The teacher situates insights in a wider context. Students are empowered with strategies, not a step-by-step. They learn how to do a new kind of thing. 
    • The class emphasizes a technique or framework to empower students.
    • Lessons include examples/demos/case studies
    • There is a clear and engaging project prompt. 
  • Well-Organized: The class contains clear signals and sequences. The pace matches the level.
    • The class includes clear lesson titles
    • “Concept bookends” frame sections with intros and recaps
    • Lesson sequences demonstrate progress
  • Clear Value Proposition: The class includes clear titles, takeaways, and target audiences.
    • A clear class title, description, and intro that identify who the class is for. 
    • The class delivers what it promises
    • The intro video includes “problem-solution” framing.
  • Compelling: The class is visually dynamic and inspiring.
    • The class includes regular visual changes
    • The class has a motivational style
    • Lessons are cohesive & inspiring

That’s a lot! But rest assured: if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, you can do it! This handbook provides all of the guidance you need to create a beautiful, high-quality class — no experience required. 

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A note on Staff Picks
Our curation team selects Staff Picks based on quality, topical relevance to the Skillshare audience, and subjective criteria related to Skillshare’s brand identity. Every Staff Pick is an excellent class, but not all excellent classes are Staff Picks.