Planning Your Class

Choosing Your Class Project

All classes on Skillshare include a class project that helps students practice their new skills as they learn. Think of it as a fun exercise students can do to apply what you've taught them and share their work with other students for feedback.

Because we strongly believe in the power of active learning, the number of projects added to your class "Project Gallery" factors into how high your class trends in our class listings. This means that encouraging your students to do your project is an important part of your success as a teacher!  

Student Colleen M. shares her watercolor practice from Modern Watercolor Techniques: Beginner's Level

Here are three tips for creating a class project your students will do, enjoy and share:

1. Make your project easy to start.

The best class projects are easy to start and encourage students to dive right in while watching your class videos. Avoid an intensive, complicated project that will take students a long time to complete. Students are more likely to do a lightweight exercise that allows them to jump right in and feel a quick sense of accomplishment in just a few minutes. Here is a great example of a lightweight project.

2. Make your project instructions easy to understand.

Your Project Description is your blank canvas for encouraging students to share their work - format it however you'd like, but be sure to keep it clear and straightforward. Feel free to attach files or include additional resources, articles, or anything else students will find helpful. If your project requires multiple steps, list them out clearly to keep it digestible. Here is a great example.

3. Encourage students to share their work along the way.

Encourage your students to share their work in progress, rather than waiting to submit a "final" outcome. The more work students share along the way, the more feedback they'll get from other students, which means a better learning experience. If relevant, break your project down into steps so students know when and what to share. Here is a great example.


Student Blong Cha shares the website he created after completing Danny Florian's class Build a Website with HTML, CSS, and Javascript 

Teaching a Business or Tech class? Head here for tips on creating a project for your Business Class and here for tips on creating a project for your Tech Class. 

Need more help crafting your project?

If you’d like feedback on your class project, we’re here to help! Email your ideas to [email protected], or share them with our teacher community in the Skillshare Teacher Center.