Grow and Engage Your Student Following

Build a Following on Skillshare

Building a following on Skillshare is the best way to grow your minutes watched and monthly income. Check out our best practices for growing an active and engaged following on the platform. 

Ask Students to Follow You

This may seem like an obvious one, but the best way to grow your following is to actually encourage your students to follow you. Go beyond just asking them to follow you, but call out why it’s valuable for them as a student. Let them know that by following you they can stay up to date on your newest class, resources, and any contests you run in the future. Keep this mention short and sweet to avoid sounding too promotional in your classes.

 Here are a couple ways to ask students to follow you:

  1. In the introduction and final video of your class, call out the “Follow” button below: Try a blurb like: “If you want to stay up to date on my newest classes, be sure to click “Follow” below. I also share resources and run contests, and my followers are the first to hear about these opportunities!”
  1. Add a slide or on-screen text to your videos that directs students to click “Follow.


Jake Bartlett directed his students to ‘Follow’ him through the use of an engaging visual in his class “The Stop Motion Look in After Effects”.

 Market Your Channel

Once you have published at least two classes on the platform, you have access to a Channel Referral link. This link allows you to offer all of your classes, instead of just one, and gives students two months of Premium membership free!

When you market all of your classes at once, it shows students the value of signing up for Skillshare and builds additional credibility for you, positioning you as an active and engage teacher.

  1. Share your Channel Referral link in permanent locations, such as your email signature, website, or blog to continually drive traffic and referrals.
  2. Regularly market your channel on social media, even when you aren’t releasing a new class.


Dylan Mierzwinski uses the Instagram Stories feature to highlight student reviews from her classes and then shares her Channel referral link with her followers.

Publish Classes Consistently

Consistently publishing new classes is the best way to show students that you have a Skillshare channel worth following. Publishing a new class once every 2-6 months is a great way to increase your revenue, and by strategically spacing out your publishing cadence, each of your classes is able to reach maximum engagement.

 A great way to build a following is to lean into what’s working. If you teach content that covers a wide variety of topics, you can run the risk of losing engagement from your current following. However, we know that sometimes the hardest part of teaching consistently is knowing what to teach next. Follow a few of our best practices to determine your next class topic:

  1. Analyze What’s WorkingLook at your existing classes, social media posts, and any way else you share your work. What topics or techniques have received the most engagement? Lean into content that already resonates with your audience to engage your existing following and attract new students.
  2. Survey Your Following: Surveying your following both on and off of Skillshare is a great way to discover your next class topic. Use our ‘Discussions’ feature to email all of your followers to ask for feedback or conduct a poll.
  3. Conduct Research: Spend some time researching emerging trends or skills in your content area. Check out the most in-demand topics of 2018 on Skillshare here.

Once you have a list of potential class topics, create a publishing schedule for yourself to stay on track. We recommend using our Channel Planning Guide to get started.