Promoting Your Classes

Before You Publish Your Class

Most of your marketing efforts will happen after you publish, but here are the three things we recommend doing before your class goes live to kickstart your success. 

Merchandise your class. A few small tweaks to how you present your class (class title, description, skills, etc.) can go a long way in ensuring students discover it on the platform and are excited to watch. Follow these easy merchandising tips.

Connect your Skillshare profile to Facebook and Twitter. Your followers on Facebook and Twitter who are Skillshare members will automatically become your followers on Skillshare once you connect your profile. The more followers you have before publishing, the more people who will be notified by email when your class goes live!

Post a teaser or pre-launch announcement on your social media channels. Once your class is live, inviting your friends, family, and social media followers to check it out is a great way to promote. Increase the likelihood that your network will be excited to watch your class by putting your upcoming class on their radar before you publish and building some anticipation! Be sure to tell your community to “follow you” on Skillshare so that they are automatically notified via email once you publish (all they’ll need to do is click the blue “Follow” button on your profile page).

Already published? Not to worry. Simply double check that your class is well-merchandised and dive into marketing!