Grow and Engage Your Student Following

Hosting an AMA

An AMA (Ask Me Anything) is a live event hosted on Skillshare, outside of your classes, that gives your student followers the opportunity to ask you questions directly in a written format. Skillshare students love learning both from and about their favorite teachers - AMAs give you the opportunity to answer questions related to your class but also about your background, career, and field of expertise. Because you’ll host your AMA outside of your class, it provides a fresh and exciting way for students to interact with you and become even more invested in what you have to offer and share as a teacher.

Hosting an AMA is simple - head here to create an AMA page with your set date and time. Your followers will be automatically notified by email as soon as you post it. They'll be able to leave questions anytime before and during the event. They can also sign up to receive a reminder shortly before your AMA starts so that they don't miss it. On the day of your AMA, simply log in to Skillshare, go to your AMA page, and respond to your student questions.

Here are some best practices to help you host a successful AMA:

  • Post your page a week in advance. Be sure to give students enough time to discover your AMA and sign up to receive a reminder. We recommend posting your AMA page at least one week before the official date.
  • Set aside enough time. We recommend hosting your AMA for at least 1 hour to have ample time to reply to student questions.
  • Guide student questions. You can choose to keep your AMA open-ended or you can frame your AMA around a certain theme or topic. Just be sure to tell students what kind of questions they can ask in the "About This AMA" section.
  • Refresh your AMA page throughout the session. New student questions will likely come in throughout your AMA, so be sure to periodically refresh the page so you don't miss them.

Head here to post your AMA today.