Weekend & watercolors II

Weekend & watercolors II - student project

Weekend & watercolors II - image 1 - student project


These exercises are very helpful! I found out:

- I like the over-watered effect a lot,the crisp darker edge looks pretty

- Too little water creates interesting textures that can be useful when painting landscapes or anything that requires texture.

- Over watering creates a smooth distribution of color ( exception: the border)

- "Just right" amount of water can create nice gradations. Not so nice is that it leaves a visible mark at the end of a brush stroke, specially visible when painting lines.

- More water = less detail and texture
  Less water = more detail and texture

- Even if I had too much water, if I spread it over a larger area relatively fast, it has same behavior as "just right", specially when constantly going over the shape to avoid pigment to clutter on the edge.

- Different quality/ type of watercolor paper does affect the water-pigment behavior.

-Stroke control is best with "just right" amount of water.

Weekend & watercolors II - image 2 - student projectWeekend & watercolors II - image 3 - student project

Here you can see how the "too much water" clovers look very appealing with that subtle dark border.

Weekend & watercolors II - image 4 - student project

Funny but, I think even different pigment behave differently. I added a lot of water here and the paper sucked it very fast (bad quality watercolor paper) and I thought that was the reason why it didn't create dark borders but when i tried with some sepia, it created the borders without problem.

Another great class :) Thank you teacher!

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