Watercolor Lettering Trial

Watercolor Lettering Trial - student project

My first time trying lettering with Watercolors and Though tedious, I really enjoyed it! I loved the way the colors bled into one another and the overall dreamy feel of the medium. I added a drop shadow and some highlights for added depth, and a fun splatter to create more interest! I also gave the piece an allover softer look by first creating a subtle blurry wash with the colors in the lettering.

I tried to get some bounce in my letters, but had a hard time keeping each letter at the same angle (those L's kill me!) - but still, not bad for a first timer, who was also too impatient to pre-sketch it. I'm a rebel I guess and I like to live on the edge.

Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thank you for such wonderful instruction Peggy!

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