The Minibar

The Minibar - student project

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to own a mini-bar. Growing up, I used to watch television with my grandad who is a great admirer of retro Hollywood films from the late 60s and 70s. I watched these men as they saunter across the floor to their perfectly kept mini bars to poor their guest a stiff, cold drink.

Perhaps I was hypnotised by the glistening collection of crystal glasses and expensive liquors, or perhaps I was in awe of the hosts ability to prepare a perfect drink without spilling it (I'm always spilling drinks on myself) - but having reflected on these films, I noticed how the host doesn't waste time in offering the drink. In fact, the drink is usually offered before the details of any personal problem is divulged or any important business matter discussed.

The host follows an important personal protocol; take control of the situation, make the person feel comfortable, listen to them, empathise with them, but ultimately, be straight with them.
I now realise that all these years, I wasn't striving to be a luxury alcoholic with a home-installed minibar, I was actually striving to be the host; a gentleman who could drink neat scotch without pulling a strange face; but more importantly someone sophisticated, self-assured, respected and wise. Someone who is royal in his own fashion and understands people almost as well as he knows himself.

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