Techinicolor forest

Techinicolor forest - student project

This is a very simple piece, for an exhibition regarding nature. Concept behind it is plastic, digital and all the representations of nature we use today to mimic nature itself.

Digitalising everything around us gives this plastic visual feeling. Here is my technicolor forest, manipulating the image of Ian Keefe:


Techinicolor forest - image 1 - student project

Very simple process, as I used the marquee tool to move the red channel offset, therefore duplicating the layer and giving those TV colors feel.


Techinicolor forest - image 2 - student project


Then, I duplicate, flipped, cropped the trees, Added a golden foil textured sun-ring and adjusted to panoramic size to be printed on canvas.

And below is the final.

Any feedback on how does it look and how to improve it will be very much appreciated before I send it to print 

Very good class, have learn a great deal. Thank you


Techinicolor forest - image 3 - student project