Tassie food

Tassie food - student project

Tassie food - image 1 - student project

Based on your feedback I've tried to simplify the design. Like the shape of Tasmania, the honey jar, I've removed some strokes on the crayfish and the oysters, the fish has less details and the fins are more geometric and less realistic, the cherries also now have straight stalks. I removed the cheese as I thought it was not fitting nicely in the design and created wine bottles instead. The cider bottles didn't really fit upside down but but the wine bottles do. Do you think it feels strange to have them upside down and not the cider? And don't you think there are too many bottles? Anyway, thanks again for the great class and feedback.


Tassie food - image 2 - student project

Thanks for the super interesting class once again! I've tried to do a project around food of Tasmania (cherries, salmon, honey, crayfish, whiskey, cheese, oysters and cider). I struggled a bit with the final composition, especially with the oysters and cheese. I tried to balance everything, using the salmon belly to match the top of Tasmania and the honey jar to follow the fish's tail. Also tried to align the bottles of cider with the crayfish's claws.

I'm kinda happy with the result but if you have any feedback about how you may have been able to improve the global composition I'd love to hear it :)