Suddenly summer - A plant composition

Suddenly summer - A plant composition - student project

Hey hey!

Thank you Karla, for this perfect class! I learned soo much. I think my project its a bit too overthinked but your tipps really bring my illustrations to the next level. 

My Project Elements:

Location: Bathroom

Time: Early Morning

Something I like: Character

Floral Element: Hanging plant & Bouqet


My inspiration was our own bathroom and the feeling when its suddenly summer and you want to wear a dress to the office but have hairy legs (its nothing wrong with hairy legs, but its just nothing for me ). Therefore my scene is placed at the early morning time, so thats why we see a steamy coffee and have a lot of warm light/shadows going on. The character looks a bit sleepy.


I used the rule of thirds. I tried to give the character contrast colors but I don't think it worked super well. xD


I created 5 depth lines and tried to add a 6th level of depth with the view out of the window.


Yep- thats all for now. Here you can see my sketch and my final work.


Thanks again for this super super cool class ! I loved it and I will try to make one more illustration with just the flower theme composition.

Big hug! <3



Suddenly summer - A plant composition - image 1 - student projectSuddenly summer - A plant composition - image 2 - student project

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