Stories of a slightly insane person.

Stories of a slightly insane person. - student project

[March 13, 2015]

I've had this queued up on my Skillshare classes since it came out but after seeing the little challenge Sarah posted, I'm just gonna go ahead and do it. 

To start, I made a list of character traits for my character. (I love making lists.. maybe that should get added).


  • Just slightly socially awkward - people don’t notice at first but then she’ll say something really out-there, and everyone is confused. She is clueless about why they reacted that way.
  • Introverted - likes to be alone, and relishes time spent working
  • Workaholic - has the most fun doing her work.. going out is more of a chore
  • Open Minded - Able to see from multiple perspectives
  • Creative - loves to make things


  • Imaginary Friends - On occasion has been seen talking to self or imaginary friends. Often in a British accent.
  • Coffee & Tea Addict - Really goes crazy for caffeine
  • Sugar Sensitive - even a tiny bit of sugar makes her crazy
  • A Neat Freak - Needs things to be tidy and organized. Is obsessed with organizing and fixing things, but not compulsive.
  • Video games - loves playing rpgs for hours on end.
  • Pigs - loves pigs, and collects stuffed toy pigs

Then on to sketching. I just started drawing her and erasing away the parts that weren't her. She's got a pear shaped body with lanky little arms. I gave her a round head and super small, innocent yet thoughtful eyes. Her hair shape echoes the pear shape of her body, and her legs taper off into skinny delicate feet. It was really important to me that her hands be big, representing creativity, and that her shoulders be weak and facing down to show she is passive and accepting. 

At this stage I'm really curious about her personality coming across.. but I'm sure she'll evolve as draw her more in her actual stories.

[March 21, 2015]

I sketched out the character reference sheet, and started inking it. I decided to simplify the character a bit. Thinking about having to draw her over and over again made me really want to break it down into even simpler parts. She will keep fluctuating I'm sure.. but I'm happy with where I'm at.

Finished inking it. I'm not super happy with the emotions but I'm pretty new to this so I'm not going to beat myself up about it. Overall, happy I'm finished with this and ready to start on my first strip!

All finished! I'm happy with it but I would like feedback on whether it makes sense, how it reads, and anything that could improve the flow. 

Thank you, Sarah for the great course! We're lucky to have you.