Semi-Pro - student project

Semi-Pro - image 1 - student project

First sketch, I was actually pretty happy with how my first messy sketch came out. As I continued working, I actually realized there's a lot from the sketch that I like, but got lost in the final painting. Definitely something for me to remember next time is to keep referring back to my original sketch more than I did on this one.


Semi-Pro - image 2 - student project

Second sketch, I decided to leave out the details on the court for my own sanity lol keeping things simple so I could finish this piece without getting too overwhelmed in the process.

Semi-Pro - image 3 - student projectFinal sketch done in colored pencil (thank you for that tip!) I always make my final sketch with regular pencil led and I found this super helpful! I didn't change much on this final sketch, but did make some adjustments on the final painting again.

Semi-Pro - image 4 - student project

Final project! (or second final project I should say) I started one before this and was very intimidated by the amount of empty space in the background and I couldn't seem to add enough detail to make it interesting, so I decided to redo my final painting and crop the image a little more. Of course there are certain things I would still make changes too, but I am proud to have allowed myself to finish this painting and be able to share it with everyone. Thank you again for this class Madison! I'm excited to continue painting screencaps!

Semi-Pro - image 5 - student project

The original screencap reference :)