Self-Portrait - student project

This was such an amazing class, thank you Laci!!

It was really fun trying out this style of illustration. I tend to get really detail-focused and hyper-realistic when I draw with a pencil and paper, and in Illustrator I can be too much of a perfectionist nudging every little shape around 100 times. I tried to be a little bit looser and focus more on the "vibe" here, and I think I could push it even further next time. 

Self-Portrait - image 1 - student project

The color palette tips were SO helpful, it can be so hard to choose a color palette!! I found this embroidery picture on Pinterest (below) by an artist named Jane Denton, and I decided to base my colors off of the colors of embroidery threads she used in her work. 


Self-Portrait - image 2 - student project


Joanna Mahoney

Graphic Designer & Illustrator