Robert - student project

I really enjoyed watching this step by step tutorial. Most of my time I spend interacting with computer and desgining stuff for web. So I was looking for activities that would let me do something without staring at my laptop screen. And this toy making thing is exactly what I needed. 

I've always had a thing for plush toys. I'm quite an energy efficient person when it comes to crafting something on my own :) That's why most of the time I purchase someone else's crafts and decorate my apartment. Because when I look at them I always think "Geez that must have been tough to make!" But Andrea's just let me see that it's not as hard as it seems. 

So I went to the handmade shop and got three pieces of nice fleece, pair of small back eyes and a cute nose. It took me to two hours to make Robert, mostly because I was trying to do it as carefully as possible. And I also got stuck with sewing together the body and ears. First time I got an earless bunny when I flipped it over. And second time he did have ears but they were facing the wrong side, so I had to cut the stitches and do it all over again. As a result it was quite a long process but I think it was worth it because I really love the result. 

Thank you, Andrea, for such a wonderful tutorial. I've had a really lovely evening making my own toy :)

Robert - image 1 - student project

Robert - image 2 - student project

Olga Z