Red Tulips

Red Tulips - student project

Hi Mariya, I absolutely loved the class!  I needed to learn this since I am going to start a blog very soon and was concerned about my images.  Now with this class I am set!  I have a lot to learn but I think this is exactly the skill I needed to make a new statement.  I was on my way to the kitchen to find some breakfast items when I was blown away by this bouquet on my counter.  Yes these are complimentary colors instead of the more similar colors, but I was Immediately inspired. I came up with the following progression of images.  I will still plan to do more photos next week on my days off to keep practicing.  : )  Thank you!

My 1st shot of the bouquet.

A more cropped version:

The edited version in VSCO.  Maybe a bit overexposed?  

My final choice was this one for the more simple look:

So I've been going a bit crazy with the photography since this class!  Thank you again Mariya!  I am having so much fun.  I haven't posted a breakfast picture yet since I don't really eat simple stuff for breakfast.  So I have used various items as my subject matter.  Would love some feedback.  : ) 

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