Pink Flamingo Stationery + Printables

Pink Flamingo Stationery + Printables - student project

Please note this project is based on a fictional business, that is one I am thinking about creating in the future.

1. Audience Analysis

The audience of Pink Flamingo Stationery + Printables is anyone, predominantly women, who are looking for a cheap alternative to notepads and books, that is still visibly appealing and is a productivity tool. She is likely aged 20-45 and has a busy lifestyle, but is not necessarily a full time worker. She gets excited about low prices, cute designs and functional notepaper. They are incentivised by a chance to be more productive. They wish to achieve a more organised lifestyle, but at low cost to them. They try to avoid paying too much for a product and hate overpriced items.

For fun, they might play with their kids, read a book, go to the movies, sew, or any other craft. They listen to mainstream music, and read fiction. owever, these aren't too relevant to the store and could be a stereotype instead.

They would be active on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Their favourite bloggers are likely fashion and mummy bloggers, people who seem to have their lives together and organised. They may follow organisational and planner bloggers, or craft and hobby bloggers, but also vloggers like the SacconeJolys or similiar. The customer personally shares content about their own family, friends, and hobbies.

2. Campaign Proposal

The brand gives the influencer a sort of credibility as they are collaborating with a brand. I would also offer a collaboration in terms of product, so for example The Beauty Crush's video planner. The proposal would be either a contest or favour. I would send the stationery items to the bloggers or influencers and let them know that we are OK for them to talk about it in any way they like, be that an Instagram post, including it in a video, but also that they don't HAVE to post about it, as it might just be that once they receive the product, they aren't happy to promote it. This is also fine as the quality for money should really speak fo itself and it is important that the influencers true feelings show through the customer. They could also run a contest, either on their blog or social media platform, in which case they would request a second item for us to send for the winner. This would allow the influencer to use the item and show their readers how it was useful to them, and then give the same item away. This could mean that some product is sent out and not promoted from, but as it is a low cost item, this should be a planned for cost.

I wouldn't put any set amount on when they have to run the competition by, possibly only a month. We could possibly send them to customers in october, right in time for Christmas Gift Guides, or December for NY resolution type posts.

I would find bloggers through stationery forums, #stationeryaddict #planneraddict etc that will mean that they are interested in that sort of product. I would also put a callout to anyone through our own social channels to get in touch with their media kit to collaborate.

3. Email Template

Hi ___,

I've been readng your blog for a few months/years now and really enjoy -----, ----- and the ----posts you do about ----.

I am contacting you because I own a small etsy business, selling stationery and printable productivity items. I'd love to offer ___ to you to try out. If you love the product, you may like to feature it through your blog or social media, but we would really appreciate your feedback on the products nonetheless. If you decide down the line that you would love to do a giveaway, we can always send you another.

If you are interesting in receiving one of our products, please let us know as we would love to discuss a collaboration with you.

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