Passion Projects for 2017

Passion Projects for 2017 - student project

Franki, another fabulous class.  I have been continuously pondering what types of class I should teach.  I have done cooking classes, scrapbooking classes and I have a marketing and direct sales class that are still in the editing state.   It struck me when you said, be a coach.  A consultant and a coach are closely related, but can have 2 majorly different meanings.   I am going to investigate being a Marketing Coach.  With all my years of experience with marketing, being a "coach" seems like a smaller commitment of time and content, than a "consultant" sounds like.  I am super excited about the passion you helped me find in myself.  I love helping others succeed, and being a coach is a great way to do it.  Thanks!

Nancy Ward

Marketing Coach, Cook and Crafter