New Spaces

New Spaces - student project

Hey, hey, everyone. First off, thanks for everything you do, Daniel. Sadly there aren't many photographers keeping it real like you out there, so thanks for sharing all of your tips, experience, advice and resources for us. 

One word to describe my series: Spaces

For my class project, I wanted to document some scenes around my new home in North Carolina. I spent my whole life growing up in Wisconsin in a small town, so when I made the move to the south a few months ago, it took a while to adjust. Not only adjusting to the new location, but also adjusting to the real world, a new job, a new community, living by myself, meeting new people, etc.

I'm a huge introvert, so I get really anxious when doing any street photography with people involved, but I'm working hard to push past that barrier.

With these images, I wanted to capture the simplicity of life around here while staying true to my personal style of symmetry, leading lines, minimalism and architectural influence.

New Spaces - image 1 - student project

New Spaces - image 2 - student project

New Spaces - image 3 - student project

New Spaces - image 4 - student project

Had a great time getting out and about for this one! Hope you guys all enjoy; looking forward to seeing all of the other projects!


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