Nazarene Book Outline

Nazarene Book Outline - student project

Problem: Wanted by the Galactic Grand Authority(GGA) military because of possession of a powerful and valuable object. Adoptive mother is murdered.

Locations: Nazarene(spaceship) Moff(Desert Planet, onset of Ep. 1), Newhall(Ep. 2 & 3), Sharona(Comet Mining Colony, Ep. 4), Bent(Rival Military Faction HQ, moon ep. 5 & 7), The Birdcage(a Giant Faraday cage on a Venus-like moon Ep 6 & 7), The New Ark Colony(a nomadic ring world, Ep 8), The Eye of Nero(GGA controlled Eyeball planet, Ep 9) Flatt(GGA Headquarters planet, Ep. 10), Asteroid field around Flatt(Ep 10, at close of story)


Group of Power: Galactic Grand Authority, Brotherhood of Suns, and various other powerful assholes


Who is Controlled: Jaek(Protagonist), Nazarene crew: Ray, Zephyr, Jaxxon, Nazz, & Nova


Rule: Faster than light travel has not been discovered yet

Situation: Space travel takes time and preparation. a complete logistical nightmare. the protagonists discover that the object that put them in this mess gives them the ability to form a wormhole and cut travel time exponentially.


Decision: They must decide which controlling power they can trust with this new technology, ultimately siding with those that would put it in the most hands.


Outcome: The Nazarene is destroyed, Jaek is stranded on a rock in orbit around Flatt(assumed dead). The rest of the crew is separated to get the FTL technology to the group they chose.