My portfolio website wireframe

My portfolio website wireframe - student project

Hi. I am a UX/UI designer + developer in New York City. I start to work on my portfolio site around one year ago. so far I have already created several version within this time frame. after studying this great wireframe class, I decide to come up with a new idea of my portfolio website. Basically the whole idea of this website is to show the work I did before and the process behind of each project. It is quite plain, user-friendly and simple design. 


For the layout, I will use full scale image in the top section and e columns layout in the work section. I am a front end developer with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and responsive design skills. I will use bootstrap or Foundation CSS framework to code this design into actual site. 


In phrase two of this project I will also create the mobile and tablet version of this wireframe. I will also create a high fidelity wireframe and mockup with Photoshop later on.



My portfolio website wireframe - image 1 - student project


I create 5 more sketches of my portfolio sites. I used a big hero images in some of the concept but later on I would like to try big font slab font as the headline with sharp background color to keep it minimalist in some of my design.

My portfolio website wireframe - image 2 - student project


My portfolio website wireframe - image 3 - student project

Ernest Chan

web designer