My favorite beverage, Malta

My favorite beverage, Malta - student project

This is a Venezuelan beverage I discovered while travelling in Spain. The first time I tasted it was when I stopped at Jojoto, a Venezuelan restaurant in Madrid, on a hot sunny day after a long bike ride. The drink is known for its unique flavour and is a great source of energy! Best served with fresh empanadas!

For technical details: I thought motion blur was a great idea and applied it to the background and made a subtle shadow under the Maltín bottle (maybe too subtle? Let me know!) 

I thought it was a good idea to add a masking layer with the brush tool as well and did this behind the value proposition sentence: "Pause one moment, reenergize". 

Text inside the button was white, I changed it to a slight yellow ish beige. Should I have kept white? 

Positioning objects. This I was not sure about, since I did this quickly, I was not using a grid. Does it look off? Should I use a grid instead of following my eye in this case?

I had fun replicating the zigzag pattern on the bottle with textured brush strokes to which I switched to overlay in the layers menu. 

I would appreciate your feedback on any of these aspects, thank you!