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My Personal Blog - student project

Hi everyone!  I'm Lauralee Flores.  

A little about me... I have a professional background in usability and web analytics.  In 2012 I started learning rails and I LOVE it!  I learned it in order to create major finder (it's in the middle of development and it's all done in rails).

When I signed up for this class I originally planned to use what I learned in this class to teach me the best way to create a blog on my personal site:

Here's what my blog looked like when I signed up: 

My Personal Blog - image 1 - student project

I was hoping this class would help me a little bit with this page... :)  

UPDATE (08/2014): 

I have created my blog and spent a number of months working on compiling some articles, videos, and images that I will begin posting once a week starting on September 2nd, 2014.   

Thanks so much to everyone who has liked my project!  It's so encouraging to hear others like what I'm doing.  It makes me want to keep going.  So, thank you!  

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Lauralee Flores