My Maasai

My Maasai - student project

I have to admit that even though I have two boys I enroll in these classes for myself to learn how to draw and paint to be more creative this year. My boys like seeing what I do but don't want to sit still long enough to make something themselves.

This project was ridiculously simple to recreate and looks like it could have cost a few hundred dollars from a gallery. AND I MADE IT MYSELF!!! I'm planning on making a set of these and giving them to my Aunt for her birthday this April.


PS I didn't have a thin enough piece of cardboard for the arms and legs so I used the short side of an old gift card that I had laying around and cut a small piece off to make the designs on the clothes. Plus I can rinse it off and reuse it without worrying about it becoming too gummed up or bent out of shape.