My First Comic: Scratches Journey

My First Comic: Scratches Journey - student project


Scratch’s Journey (tentative title)

What will your protagonist learn? How will they grow?

  • Throughout the story, the protagonist will learn to never let his emotions cloud his judgement and to do what he has to in order to survive.

Why does it matter if they go on this journey?

  • Because of his love for his family and how much he is learned from them he does not wish to be alone in a world where everything is hunting or being hunted.

What is the alternative (what if they fail)?

  • If he fails to reach his destination in time his family will die of the sickness and that along with if his friends dying then, he will not see any hope in surviving this world thus keeping him from being a complete person.

Why do you care about this story?

  • I’ve had this idea for a long time, I enjoy a hero’s journey story, but I always see that the hero is always either trying to prove himself and later comes “the chosen one” trope. The goal is set for him not by chose and their achievements are met because of their “special” status. For this story I want protagonist who isn’t a hero by destiny, does what he has to achieve his goal and choses his path in life for himself.

THEME: Haven vs Wilderness. Good vs Evil. Teamwork makes the dream work.

GENRE: Action/Adventure, Fantasy


  • A young hunter finds himself on a quest seeking a hidden temple to find a stone and save his ill family.
  • As he leaves the safety and comfort of his home, he struggles to survive the harshness and cruelty of the world.
  • Meets companions who accompany him on his journey.
  • The group learn to accept each other’s difference and work together to survive.
  • Meet a band of pirates hunting them in order to find the temple and seek the riches inside.

PLOT: 1-3 sentences for each plot point

  • The Premise: Most of the world is in ruins. As nature is claiming most of its lands, monsters, mutated animals, and mythical entities roam the lands. Humanity and anthropomorphic animals coexist in places of safety. But in the wilderness, it is every adventurer for themselves.
  • The Cast: The protagonist is a cat named Scratch, he’s kind, noble, an agile fighter and hunter and in the story, he’s tasked with finding a stone for his ill family. His companions, a mouse named Jasper, he’s generous, resourceful and has great intellect. And a bird named Emmett, he’s enthusiastic, self-centered, sarcastic and always looking to jump in a fight. Jasper accompanies Scratch seeking further knowledge, while Emmett joins seeking treasure and riches. The Antagonist is a bear pirate leader who seeks riches and power within the temple.
  • The Catalyst: Scratch’s family has fallen ill, he is tasked with a quest to a temple to find a healing stone Along the way he encounters many dangers that habit the land. He later meets Jasper who has knowledge of the world but gets recruited to find the temple and the two form a friendship. Further in their journey they meet Emmett a young bird thief who plans to rob them but tells that he has nowhere to go and he’s seeking a fortune to support himself. Emmett gets brought along. The trio with purposes of their own realize they have a common goal, and venture to the temple.
  • The Training/Travelling Sequence: The group come aware of a large predator hunting them. Emmett is prepared to fight the threat, but Jasper is frightened as he’s never faced any sort of dangers in his life and Scratch suggest that they should avoid the creature because they don’t know what they’re dealing with. Even through their disadvantages, the group come to terms with their strengths and weaknesses, and they face the predator head on. They understand that in order to survive the wilderness they must put aside their differences and work together.
  • The Hurdle(s): The group battles a pirate gang and after they make their escape, they come to an underground chamber. It contains traps to keep intruders from entering, but they overcome those obstacles. Then they come to a room containing secrets regarding an ancient civilization that created the temple their venturing to.
  • The Failure: The trio finds a map the shows the location of the temple and from where they are, it’s a really long distance. Also, they discover there’s a talisman with the ability to grant dark magic to whoever wears it. The ancients built the temple to hide their most sacred treasures and the talisman was too powerful that the temple was kept secret to prevent others from wearing it. If the pirates were to get their hands on the talisman, they would be consumed by the evil, be given magical abilities, and may spread that evil throughout the world that’s already seeing enough torment.
  • The Lesson: Jasper tells them of an old friend who he used to travel with who owns a ship that they can use to get to the temple. They meet a human pilot who agrees to fly them there. On the way, Scratch realizes there’s a big picture to their journey, but begins to question if this should be his concern and if he’s even capable of facing a matter he doesn’t understand. He gets encouragement about helping others and that one evil gone is one step into a world that may see peace.
  • The Climax: The trio realize they must get to the temple before the pirates. They’ll get only what they came for and must prevent the talisman or any of the treasure from ever being used. They run into the pirates again and they battle.
  • The Denouement: In victory, Scratch gets the healing stone and heals his family. He learns that even in a world this harsh there’s still good people who do what they can to survive as well, and that there still things worth fighting for. The trio rest after a long journey, but think they might adventure more and seek more treasures.