My Color Journey

My Color Journey - student project

I must preface by saying that I have found a new art form!!!  So exciting!  Exploring color in this way has changed the way I look at my art and photography.  I find myself noticing patterns in the colors of consumer products all over.  It truly tells the story of a season and an era.


I always have fashion and interior decor magazines laying around, so I had lots of great images to make collages.  I started by collecting different blues, and building a monochromatic story.  Blue is so soothing and restful.  


Then I expanded it with reds, beiges and gold.  Since I am an artist, I used watercolor to experiment with the different shades, tones and patterns that I found in the images.  Like the pattern of the watch strap and the color blocking in the cushion.  


For this one, I did a separate color palette and pattern palette, because I was so taken with the interesting textures, stripes, and swirls of color.


Eggplant, olive and mustard was my favorite colors of Fall 2017, so I just had to have a page for that color story.  I'm not thrilled with how the watercolors came out, so I may redo this one.


 This is an ode to the bright colors I see coming for Spring 2018, which I'm very enthused about.


I may add to this as I am continuing the process.  I am an official addict...  Thank you Claire, for the class, and for sharing this enlightening process!!!  

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